Learn how to do more using less energy: The e-course ETT - Eliminate the Time Thieves

Inefficiency leads to stress

We often try to handle stress in our work by learning "stress coping", and there are many courses available in this field. Many of these are useful and necessary. But, they often miss one important factor: lowering the stress level by working more efficiently, to increase one´s personal efficiency.

Work smarter

With personal efficiency we do not mean just working faster, or more aggressively. Our personal efficiency is often lowered, often without our noticing, by different "time thieves". These arise usually around such things as prioritizing, planning, task handling, unscheduled telephone calls, meetings, not being able to relax after work.

The ETT course focuses on these time thieves, and in the course a number of concrete solutions are presented and discussed. These aim at decreasing or even eliminating typical time thieves.

"Just enough" stress

Follow-ups of a number of users of the ETT course have shown that for many these is no additional need for learning stress coping abilities. The former negative stress has changed to "positive stress", i.e. the "just enough" stress we need for our work to feel challenging and make us develop professionally.

Buy and download the ETT course at http://psykosyntesforum.se/courses_ett.htm .

Author's Bio: 

Lars Gimstedt, Psychosynthesis Therapist, Life Coach