Do you ever sit down and write a To Do list and at the end of the day you find that you couldn't get everything done that was on your list? Then you start the next day's To Do list with the items left over from the day before and add to it for the new day?

That is how I was taught to get things done, many years ago. I have since learned that those To Do lists can add additional stress to my life because they are My To Do lists, not God's To Do list. My To Do lists seem to carry on and on and never get fully completed. Can you relate? Would you agree, that can seem stressful?

God's To Do list is so much easier and less stressful and His list gives me a since of accomplishment. We are here on earth for God's purpose right? So why not let God control your To Do list?

You know when you experience a thought that all of a sudden pops into your head? That is God and He's giving you your To Do list. Jot it down and that is the beginning of your To Do list for that day. Some days He may give you a few things to do, some days a lot, and other days nothing. He knows what you can handle for that day so let Him guide your activities and chores.

You will also know that your day is His will, not yours. It is a fabulous feeling to start each day with an empty To Do list. In addition to that, it is a fabulous feeling to end your day with a completed To Do list and knowing it was directed from God.

Do you want to or need to simplify your life? This has helped me and it may also help you. It is a great way to listen and obey to your Holy Father each and every day.

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Rhonda Neely is a Certified Christian Life Coach specializing in marriage and family coaching based on Christian values. She has helped many families successfully restore their marriage or other types of relationships. As a Life Coach, Rhonda provides an ongoing partnership with her clients, designed to help them produce fulfilling results in their personal life. Rhonda helps people improve their own performance with forward movement action steps to enhance the skills that the client already has. Rhonda received her certification through PCCCA (Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy), has received a certification through Coaching4Clergy, and is currently continuing her education through AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors). Sign up to receive her monthly “Commit” newsletter and receive “5 Ways to Keep a Marriage Healthy” at her website at