One of the best ways to sell books (and lots of them) is with live presentations. Selling from the platform is a powerful way to move lots of books. However, it takes more than simply telling audience members to buy your book.

Watch any author who does this well and it is truly “poetry in motion”. To an outsider it may look like someone who sells with ease was born with this talent. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As with anything, to become really good (even great) at selling books from the platform you have to develop the skill. It takes time, practice, commitment and walking through fear.

If this is a skill you plan to utilize consider hiring a coach who is specializes in teaching authors to sell from the platform. When I first began selling from the platform I went through a lot of training to get really good.

In the 17 plus years I have been making offers in front of a room full of people I have applied specific strategies that have definitely increased my numbers.

One, be sincere about what I am offering. Sincerity shows. It can be sensed. And the more sincere you are the better.

Two, own your power. From the moment you begin your presentation you need to own your power. Actually, you need begin this process long before you are on stage. Owning your power is simply having a level of confidence that conveys you believe in what you are doing.

Three, know as much as you can about those you are presenting to. This is essential to a great presentation and lots of sales.

Regardless of where you present your information there is ample opportunity to sell books. It could be at a chamber of commerce meeting, a church meeting, your local PTA or during a conference.

To assure greater results make sure the meeting planner knows what you have in mind. Some will strictly forbid any selling while others encourage it.

If you are doing a pro bono speech then you need to be able to sell. Done right, the meeting planner may even recommend your book(s) to audience members. This is why you must let them know what you plan.

When getting paid to speak the rules change. Negotiate all the details before you step on the platform.

Before your presentation there are some other details to work out. One, get to know members of your audience. The more you know them and they feel they know you the more rapport you have. The more rapport the easier book selling becomes. After all, when they really like you they want to take a bit of you home with them. What better way than with your book(s)?

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