Most entrepreneurs think that laying out a plan of attack is what turns a business dream into a reality.


You could be highly productive on a daily basis to put that plan in motion and may still not increase your profits. I’ve lived that scenario several years in a row. It’s very disheartening. And when you truly need the money to survive, it’s downright freaking stressful.

Instead breathe life into your biz plan! Begin by emotionally connecting with it. You want to be able to familiarize yourself with the plan so that it feels like something that is a sure thing.

You want to see yourself as someone who can pull it off. Believe in your ability to move through one inspired step at a time to make it real. Trust that you have access to all of the resources you need to see each of your ideal outcomes come alive in Technicolor.

* You have people who know people.
* You can create a way to get the expertise, manpower and rock-star team players to make it easy.
* If you need a piece of equipment, technology, education or help, you will find the money or resources to make it happen.
* You have the ideas, solutions and creative juices to make your services and products attract your ideal customers like crazy.
* You have the gusto, commitment and expertise to soar.

You know how to tap into the greatest resource of all … your Inner Business Expert.

You need to think, act and live as a CEO who knows this.

I’m not kidding when I say you gotta see yourself as a spiritually connected leader who is absolutely capable of generating a six- or seven-figure bottom line. Each year your plan may seem overly ambitious in the beginning, but you are capable of infinitely more.

The more inner game work you do emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically seeing this plan as a piece of cake, the faster you will be inspired to take extremely powerful actions.

Those actions will create the momentum that will lead you to living an even better experience than you imagined.

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