Pre-schools both government aided and privately owned, are growing at a steady rate in India. Owning a preschool would require thriving in the competition by maintaining very high standards of education and keeping in line with the latest trends in the educational field. Owners of a preschool must insist on recruiting competent teachers who have gone through a proper pre-primary teacher training course.
Montessori teaching is of crucial significance because the impact of education is the most profound in the formative years of a child. The foundation of a child is formed during the ages of two to twelve years based on which a child later grows and develops a unique personality. A proper pre-primary teaching course trains a teacher on child psychology and acquaints them with the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of children. A preschool owner must concentrate on acquiring staff with the proper know-how.
Montessori teaching requires a lot of planning and skillful execution of lessons. The primary motive of Montessori school is to make a toddler learn through his physical senses about the environment and to develop his imaginative skills and learn social interaction. Montessori training not only focuses on academics but is behavioral and moral upbringing. It helps a child to attain self-discipline and confidence and teaches a child to concentrate.
Montessori training helps a teacher to plan courses which would include the basics of all subjects essential for a child to learn to gain a clear understanding of the world. Pre-school is the first place where a child is let out alone outside the protection of family and close kin. This puts a huge responsibility on the shoulders of Montessori teachers and they must ensure that these children are educated in a way best suitable for their future prospects. Montessori teaching on helps these young learners to express themselves verbally, develop a language and interact socially. It is often a task of these teachers to develop English as a second language.
Montessori training acquaints the Montessori teachers with the technique of formulating compact and systematic courses for these young learners. The key of Montessori teaching
lies in making lessons highly interactive and communicative in nature. Kids of this age are usually very restless and yearn for physical activity. Knowledge has to be thus, imparted through various group activities like games, art, dance, drama, songs and puppetry. Children can easily understand and relate to them and it is easy for them to engage their curiosity this way and learn through them. Montessori teaching stirs the enthusiasm in a child to learn, create, help and care for the environment and for others.
An owner of a Montessori school must ensure that the schools provides the right environment supportive for children and makes the process of learning interesting and exciting by implementing the latest methods of Montessori education. A Montessori school must provide an ambiance which is both intellectually stimulating and encouraging to a child to enable him to socialize and become independent.

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