You’d think people’s lives would be less stressful in the technological age that we’re living in. The truth is that people have more stress now because of technology, family life, and their job.

This stress can have a serious impact on their physical and mental health if they don’t do something about it soon. With all the recommendations on how to deal with stress, you might not have thought of oxygen bars before.

They are a popular solution for dealing with stress in the 21st century. Not only is the oxygen good for their health, but these bars create a venue where people can socialise, relax, and get away from the hectic lives for a while. It is certainly a healthier bar than a traditional one that serves alcohol.

Health Benefits of Oxygen

You might think it’s ridiculous to go to an oxygen bar for oxygen when there is already oxygen in the air outside. Unfortunately, air pollution has made breathing the outside air more difficult and toxic.

If you breathe the oxygen at an oxygen bar, you will be breathing fresh, clean air and providing your body with significant health benefits.

Oxygen is considered a non toxic medical gas and may help you improve your heart rate, motor skills, behaviour, depression, focus, and immune system. Most importantly, clean oxygen will detoxify your entire body of dangerous toxins and help your body regenerate new healthier cells.

This will allow you to live a longer life while reducing your chances of obtaining illnesses or diseases.

We breathe oxygen in every second of the day. The reason oxygen is so essential to our body is our cells use it to break down the sugars from the food we eat.

This creates a molecule called “adenosine triphosphate,” what gives energy to the cells and allows them to function correctly.

Without an adequate supply of quality oxygen, you would develop various symptoms of health issues. You would experience depression, tiredness, trouble breathing, dizziness, and significant different chronic diseases.

Oxygen vs. Stress

Oxygen has a significant impact on stress. Significant the people who go to oxygen bars are already stressed coming into the place. But when they breathe in the fresh oxygen, they find their stress levels decrease.

Not only that, they have an increased amount of energy and are a lot more alert about their surroundings. Anyone with stress-induced migraines, headaches, or other problems will find plenty of natural relief at oxygen bars.

The link between stress and oxygen must do with the quality of the oxygen. If you’re breathing polluted oxygen or not enough oxygen, then your body’s cells are not able to function properly.

This puts a lot of stress on the body when you try to perform your normal daily activities while your biological cells are not supplied with enough oxygen and energy. So, once you get this oxygen, your cells will function better which means you’ll feel better.

Pros and Cons of Oxygen bars

Oxygen bars are great for anyone who is not currently suffering from a serious medical condition. If you’re just someone who occasionally feels stressed or tired, then oxygen bars are great for getting the relief that you want.

But if you’re currently suffering from illnesses like heart disease, congestive heart failure, pulmonary disease, hypertension, or asthma, then you need a controlled amount of supplemental oxygen rather than just randomly breathing the oxygen in at the bar.

Have you ever seen people in public who have their oxygen tanks with them? These tanks were likely supplied by their doctor and regulated for them to breathe just the right amount of oxygen.

If you were to go to an oxygen bar with a medical condition and breathe too much or too little oxygen, then it could have harmful or even fatal effects.

As for everyone else looking to relieve stress and have a good time, an oxygen bar is a much healthier place to socialise and relax than drinking beer at a regular bar.

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