Whether you are moving home or moving business premises, moving can be a really stressful and straining upheaval with so much to think about. It is important to be incredibly careful when packing up important equipment, documents and valuables. Furthermore, it is highly important that you be organised in your packing and moving. You need to be able to find everything and ensure that your possessions are packed in such a way as to not damage one another, or get damaged in transit. For this you need to use the right moving boxes. Some people struggle with free boxes from the supermarket. However, these have already been used, and not usually strong enough and often are the wrong size or even open at the top making it impossible to transport items securely and safely.

At No 1 Boxes we have a fantastic array moving boxes in a number of sizes, fit for a variety of purposes. Our range includes Cube, Small, Medium, DVD Player, CD/DVD, Wine moving boxes and Storage trays to name but a few. We have a wide variety of sizes and styles of moving boxes all at a cost that is affordable; important when moving house or business, as there are already a large number of costs incurred. All our boxes are extremely strong whilst maintaining minimal weight allowing ease of transportation and storage.

To make the process all the more simple we have devised a selection of kits that can provide you with the right materials and equipment when you need to pack up your office or work premises. You are at ease to simply select the right sized package to suit your needs.

All our moving boxes are designed with you in mind and are crafted to ensure that you can pack up all your important files, documents and office equipment so that they can be transported in as few trips as possible.

When moving to a new office or business premises then it is essential to have the right moving boxes. Here is where we can help. If you are planning on packing up a workstation or desk then we can offer the single office kit. This kit comprises of everything you could possibly need to safely and securely transport your items. If you are planning on a larger move with numerous personnel then also available is the complete office suite moving kit. This kit includes almost sixty moving boxes and necessary accessories that you will need to pack and transport all your employee’s items. All prices include VAT and we also provide free next working day delivery.

In addition, we also stock blue nomafoam protectors that will give a durable and highly strong cushioning to protect the edges and corners of frames and furniture so as to prevent any damage from banging that may occur in transit.

Whatever you needs, for home of office moving, check out our diverse range of moving boxes today.

No1 Boxes can provide you with so much more than our diverse range of moving boxes. Our service and customer care really is unbeatable. Visit our site today and you can see how we have done everything in our power to ensure that your move is as organised and stress-free as possible. After all, the sooner you plan your move and get yourself organised, the smoother and simpler the process will be. Check out our moving planner that will help guide you to plan your move in advance and focus on what exactly needs to be done and when. No 1 boxes are guaranteed to provide you with a quick, cost-effective and efficient service every time.

At No1 Boxes we stock everything you need to ensure your move goes off without a hitch. Check out our diverse range of cardboard boxes and kits today.

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