In this day and age where everyone is online, companies use paid surveys to test a new product to a targeted market and do enhancements on products already in the market. They need to know what the buying public wants. Large companies have their own marketing and research departments that employ this method to ‘test the waters’ or if not they outsource services from other companies offering paid surveys.

Online money making is easy and paid survey is one sure way. Let me make one thing clear, participating in paid survey will not make you rich. This will only provide quick and easy money to supplement your everyday expenses as well as give you additional freebies and privileges. Participating in paid survey is easy.

You can sign up to a paid survey website asking for membership fees that guarantee compensation and other freebies that come in forms of product testers, discount coupons, movie passes, incentives and rewards. You can also go for the free membership websites. The drawback with free membership survey is that you have no guarantee of the benefits and compensation they promise you will get after you’re done with the survey.

They might also bombard you with marketing and advertising emails. Check first if the site is a legitimate establishment. Join forums about on online surveys and ask around for legitimate sites you can join. The website conducting the survey will pre-qualify you according to your age, status and gender or according to the specifications provided by the maker of the product or provider of the service.

Online surveys come in various forms. The two most common is the questionnaire type where they will ask you to choose the best suitable statement from a selection or the forum type where they discuss the features of the product or the service, sight the good points and the disadvantages and get the general pulse of the people in the forum.

Some surveys will send you a tester of their product for you to use and then ask what you think. Compensation varies depending on the difficulty of the survey, the time you will be spending to finish it up or to the general status of the company conducting the survey.

Easy questionnaire type with two to four selections cost US$2 to US$10. Surveys that will take a while to finish and are more complicated will cost more. Joining paid surveys is just one way of making extra money online, an ideal part time job at home that will provide second income.

You can join as many as you like for as long as you finish it on the specified time frame and you do the job well. Companies spend money for these surveys to know what products to manufacture or what services to provide. They need to know what the consumers want exactly and also to have an edge over their competitors.

The benefactor is always the end user. Just double check if the site you signed up for is legitimate to make sure your time and efforts will not be wasted.

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The author of this article, Menno Spijkstra, is an underground Internet Marketer who has been successful in selling products online for many years. Menno just released a new video series on how to Explore Profitable Niches.