Although it is not on the list of standard masturbation techniques, many a man has experimented with the unique pleasure that comes with plant penetration - using a fruit or gourd as a substitute for a live sexual partner. However, as with so many experimental sexual activities, each man needs to decide for himself if the unique orgasmic experience is worth the possible penis pain. Those who opt to envelop their manhood in the luscious, juicy flesh of a watermelon or pumpkin should be prepared afterward to expand their regular penis care a little beyond the usual.

What is needed?

A man doesn't have to live on a farm to have sexual congress with a piece of produce. The local supermarket undoubtedly carries any number of items on their shelves that can be employed for this off-the-beaten-path masturbatory experience.

In terms of what is actually needed, there are only three real "must-haves":

  • A working penis.
  • An appropriately sized gourd or fruit.
  • A knife, drill or other means of creating a snug harbor in the aforementioned edible for an erect penis to move comfortably about.

What kind of foodstuff?

That is up to the individual. Popular choices include pumpkins, watermelons, and cantaloupes, but acorn squashes, guavas, mangos and grapefruits have also been used.

Pumpkins and watermelons are particularly apt choices for this activity, as the ideal object needs to be large enough to accommodate the length of a man's penis to the extent that he desires. Smaller fruits, such as a mango or a grapefruit, are unlikely to provide total penile coverage; however, some men do not mind this, preferring instead the sensation that comes from inserting only the upper portion of the penis into the target.

Size may determine position.

The size of the fruit or gourd may also determine the sexual position that will be employed (or vice versa, if a man chooses his sexual gratification object based on the position he prefers.) Most men who opt for a larger pumpkin or watermelon frequently end up working on it in a missionary position, due to the fact that lying on one's back and forcing a large object up and down over the penis can tire the arms a bit.

Using a smaller object, such as a grapefruit, makes it easier to perform from a prone-on-the-back position. It also allows one the freedom to switch for a more missionary-style approach, although in some cases the object can be so small as to make that position tricky.

Thrusting from a standing position is also easier with a smaller fruit, although one also has the option of placing a larger object on a table or chair and relieving the stress on one's arms in that way.

It can be a juicy experience.

One of the pleasures of plant penetration is the highly arousing sensation provided by the meeting of penis and interior plant flesh. Different fruits and gourds have different interior textures, so a whole new world can open up for men who have become a bit bored with their usual sensory experiences.

Men should be aware, however, that plant congress often involves a significant amount of juice spillage; be prepared to change sheets or use towels.

It can cling to the penis.

The juice and the flesh can also cling to the penis, so be ready to do a thorough washing afterward. Also, males who indulge need to be forewarned that some juices, especially from the citrus fruits, may cause a stinging sensation. Some men may also be allergic to the contact of the juice or flesh to the penile skin and develop a rash as a result.

There's also the possibility that one's thrusting into a hard fruit, as opposed to a softly lubricated and responsive woman, may result in some pain and soreness.

A man who comes away with penis pain from his personal produce experience needs to wash up and then immediately apply a good penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). He should warm it by rubbing it in his hands a few times, then apply it liberally all over the penis. A cream that is rich in shea butter will instantly start the process of easing the soreness, while one with acetyl L carnitine will do wonders with the peripheral nerve injury that may have occurred due to thrusting into the hard wall of a pumpkin, as well as damage resulting from more standard forms of self-pleasure.

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