For lots of people visiting a dentist is not less than going for a battle. The pinching sound of drilling machine used for the treatment of root canal, pain of injection, patients with open mouth sitting in the front of dentist examining their mouth are enough to frighten anyone.

But, for long such people can skip their visit to the dentist and ignore their oral problem, because one day they will definitely have to visit the dentist for the treatment. At that time it is possible that their problem which could have been treated easily without any complications might have emerged as a serious problem, due to which they have to undergo the painful treatment.

Interestingly, all these excuses have become the folklore in current scenario. Because today going through excessive research in the field of dentistry, different types of dental treatments have been invented by the dentists that are helpful in offering pain free dentistry to the patients in Eastbourne and across the world. The worth mentioning benefits of these treatments are that they not only help in offering instant relaxation to the patient, but also do not suffer from any types of side effects.

Some of the methods adopted the dentists of today’s generation are referred below:

1.The Wand: This can be considered as the computer controlled electric injection that is used for dripping the anesthesia only on the teeth that needs the treatment. An interesting feature of this technique is that despite of being working as an injection it is not injected on the affected tooth. The numbing lotion is dropped on the teeth and wears off in the less time than compared to general anesthesia.

2.Air Abrasion: There are lots of persons who are mainly scared from the irritating sound of dental drilling machine. In-fact it would not be wrong to say that it is the sound of this machine due to which most of the people ignore their dental problems and do not visit the dentist. Interestingly, now days with the invent of new techniques, use of such drilling machine is stagnated to the huge extent. Nowadays, dentists are making use of the air abrasion technique which involves the use small particulars of aluminium oxide that are blasted forcefully by mixing in the water for removing the decay. Use of this technique minimizes the heat and vibration created by the conventional drilling machine, resulting in the emergence of pain and problem of keeping the mouth opened for long minutes. At present, however, this method is used mainly for filling and removal of stains, but it is believed that going through the technical developments one day the technique will be used for treatment of various oral problems.

3.Local anesthetic: The process involves the application of numbing cream over the gums, which needs be injected for the surgery. While applying anesthesia, it is imperative to measure the temperature of the body so that there are no side effects. As it is complicated process it should be carried out in the supervision of an expert dentist so that only required area can be numbed.

4.Oral sedation: In simple words, it may be defined as the process of making the patient unconscious about the things taking place around him. The process mainly involves the use of an anti-anxiety drug which is given to the patient almost an hour before the treatment. The intake of this drug by the patient offers him mental relaxation and he do not gets affected by the treatment. One thing which, however, used to be kept in concern while using this procedure that a patient should be escorted by someone for going to the home after treatment.

5.Dental lasers: Use of dental lasers can be considered as the revolution in the field of pain free dentistry. It mainly involves the use of lasers for examining the condition of the teeth, rather than poking it. If your teeth is found affected by the cavity the sound of beep comes out from the teeth. An appreciating feature of this treatment is that it is completely pain free, safe and helpful in detecting the cavity without any error. The technique is also used for the removal of plaque and tartar. The use of dental lasers has eliminated the use of dental drills to a huge extent and play an important role in the treatment of damaged oral tissues without affecting health and the surrounding area.

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From the above mentioned methods adopted by the dentists for offering pain free dentistry to the patients suffering from any type of phobia it would not be wrong to say that these methods are like boon for such patients.