Pain management has a lot to do with healing and recovery. We know it is true for humans recovering from illness or surgery and, lately, studies have been performed showing that the same is true for our canine companions. Relieving the pain of injury or illness lowers stress and that, in turn, helps to speed up the healing process.

Animals dealing with the pain of injury or infection have to deal with the same discomforts humans face; aching, swelling and limited mobility. However, your dog cannot tell you about the soreness and discomfort of an unknown injury or illness. Instead it will be your own powers of observation that help you to catch on that your four-pawed friend is in pain.

Although your pet cannot tell you about his soreness and discomfort, you can usually see it in the way he moves – or doesn’t move. A once energetic dog may become listless; a sweet-tempered animal may suddenly start snapping. Your dog may begin whimpering for no apparent reason or he may find it difficult to sleep Sometimes a bothered dog will lay his ears flat against the head. These can all be signs that your furry companion is hurting and in need of pain relief.

If you notice that your dog is not as bouncy as before during his regular exercise you may want to lie him down and give him a gentle all-over massage. Not only will this soothe your dog, but it gives you an opportunity to discover any areas of swelling or tenderness. You may discover an injury that you didn’t realize your dog had.

Pain relief for dogs can come in several ways. If the dog is overweight and has a condition like arthritis, part of easing his pain will be easing his weight. Pay attention to the dog’s food intake and help him to get exercise that doesn’t overly stress his joints. In addition, there are specialized supplements designed to reduce joint swelling and these can bring comfort to the dog with chronic joint pain.

Sometimes a dog will begin to compulsively lick one area because they are feeling stressed by pain. This can cause skin irritations. Fortunately, there are products specially created to offer pain relief for dogs with this problem. Skin treatments can soothe the skin and promote healing of inflamed and irritated areas.

Your dog gives you so much. He is depending on you to help him remain healthy and pain-free. Supplements which not only offer pain relief for dogs but which can guard against the development of painful conditions are one way to help you and your dog enjoy the best life together possible. ProLabs is a pet health specialty firm which offers a full line of products that can help your dog stay strong, healthy and pain-free.

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