Vinoth, 22, had frequent, urgent, and endless urination problems due to frequent masturbation. He masturbated several times a day at the most. After the doctor's detailed diagnosis, it was found that he had chronic prostatitis, which was incredible.

1. What is the reason and treatment of prostatitis that lets man headache?

Prostatitis is divided into chronic prostatitis and acute prostatitis. The symptoms and treatment methods are different.

Acute prostatitis is mainly caused by pathogen infection, and the specific symptoms are dysuria, dysuria, increased frequency of urination, urgency, and other symptoms. If acute prostatitis with fever, need to use cephalosporins, azithromycin class anti-inflammatory drugs. If people with prostatitis just experience frequent urination and urgency without a fever, they can take oral levofloxacin for treatment.

Chronic prostatitis is mainly associated with young and middle-aged men, pathogens, and urethral obstruction. Performance for pelvic discomfort or pain, there will be frequent urination, urgency, urine, functional and psychological disorders and other comprehensive symptoms.
The duration of chronic prostatitis is generally relatively long. For example, the symptoms of ejaculation pain, frequent urination, urgency and endless urination are typical manifestations of chronic prostatitis.

At present, in chronic prostatitis, only about 5% of patients with chronic prostatitis have clear bacterial infection. Most patients have non bacterial prostatitis. Therefore, the therapeutic effect of antibiotics is not good. Traditional Chinese medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is recommended for treating chronic prostatitis.

2. Does masturbation necessarily lead to prostatitis?

The above condition of Vinoth is chronic prostatitis caused by masturbation. At this point, some people may think that masturbation can cause prostatitis. There is no inevitable relationship between the two. Everyone has regular physiological needs. When the heart's desire is difficult to restrain, some men will make themselves happy in various forms, such as masturbation. It is understandable. But men must be cautious. Excessive masturbation will be due to indulgence, will make recurrent prostatitis attacks, easy to continue hyperemia, leading to chronic prostatitis.

3. For all men: prostate protection

The prostate is related to all men's health, and it is essential for men, just as the uterus is for women. But problems in this area are often difficult to talk with others. Timely treatment of chronic prostatitis is essential, so does the prevention. In daily life, men must learn how to protect their prostate.

a. Masturbation should be appropriate and controlled
Usually, to meet their physiological needs, single men only need to masturbate once every 5-7 days. Excessive masturbation can cause significant damage to the prostate.

b. Drink more water and don't hold your urine

Only by taking enough water every day can the bladder and urethra be "washed" to reduce the prostate's risk of retrograde bacterial infection. Usually, male urine, semen, prostatic fluid is secreted by the kidney, testis or prostate gland and discharged through the urinary catheter and prostate tube through the urethra. In some cases, if you hold your urine, you can cause these fluids to be retrograde, leading to infection.

c. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Men's private physiological structure is different from that of women, but men should also pay attention to hygiene to prevent bacterial infection. Always change your underwear and clean your private parts. Wash in time before and after sex.

d. Wear comfortable pants

To protect the prostate and maintain a comfortable environment, try not to wear jeans, oppress the prostate, and cause congestion. Please do not think that prostatitis is a minor disease and does not need active treatment.

Conclusion: in daily life, if men want to protect the prostate, they should not only do the points mentioned above but also eat many tomatoes, pomegranates, beans, mushrooms, and other food. These foods also prevent and help prostate cancer.

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