Home Remedies for Treatment of Piles


Piles (Bawasir), clinically known as hemorrhoids, is a very common lifestyle disease. Haemorrhoids are mainly a result of following wrong habits. So before looking for medical remedies, one should assess one’s own lifestyle and seek answers to a few questions:
1. Do you drink enough water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated?
Minimum of 3 liters of water must be consumed daily in order to stay hydrated.

2. What kind of food do you consume? Is it healthy and rich in fiber?
Green leafy vegetables and fruits should be consumed for improving fiber intake.
Consume complex carbohydrates such as whole grain or multigrain cereals and avoid refined cereals.
Limit spicy food.
Say no to fast food and packaged food.
Increase the intake of vitamin C (Citrus fruits can be consumed for the same).
Avoid excessive sugar intake.
3. How often do you exercise?
Exercising is great for health, stay fit! You can do yoga, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming etc. for a minimum of half an hour daily. In fact, certain poses in Yoga are specifically directed towards preventing piles and other rectal problems.

4. Do you use your smart phone or newspaper in your washroom?
It might seem like a strange question, but using your cell phone in the washroom may divert your mind from what needs to be done. The distraction might lead you to spend more time on the toilet seat, increasing the pressure on the veins in the pelvic region. By doing so you are giving way to hemorrhoids (piles)

A little bit of above introspection and making a few lifestyle changes will help you steer clear of piles and prevent any recurrence if you have already been a victim. Unfortunately, if you are already one amongst those suffering from hemorrhoids, some simple home based remedies can be very handy. They may not be a permanent solution, but will provide you temporary relief until you seek advice from a Proctologist.
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