The news is the report of gathered information of things that are happening in any part of world. News provides information of all the events and incidents that took place all over the world. News can be spread to any part of world by telecasting in television or radio. It can be spread by newspaper which are printed papers consisting of journalist’s articles. News headlines are the tittles given to the topics of news which gives data of author, page number or any other statement. In a Pakistani newspaper, we can find Pakistan news headlines. This news also includes Jammu &Kashmir news. It also gives information of lifestyle news, economy news and more.

Pakistan is the country located near to the boundaries of East India. Pakistan is officially called as Islamic Republic of Pakistan and it is the sovereign state in South Asia. Pakistan is located in a position between the important regions of South Asia, Central Asia and the greater Middle Asia. The news which is a report of collected information of events or incidents that took place in the Pakistan is considered as Pakistan news. It provides report on incidents that took place in various states of Pakistan.

The news of Pakistan also includes economic strategies, scientific analysis, sports and more. It also includes lifestyle news which gives information of lifestyle of different people living in Pakistan. The news of lifestyle includes dressing style, eating habits, culture followed by the people living in particular area, customs followed by them and more. The different dressing styles of different people living in several regions of the country. In newspapers separate additions are arranged to write the lifestyle news in special column with attractive headlines.

News headlines play an important role in the development of newspaper. If the headlines are attractive, then people show more interest in reading that topic. Jammu & Kashmir news is also included in Pakistan news because in one or other matter it relates with that state. We can find this news in Pakistan News Headlines as it an important issue in the country of Pakistan. An important event or incident is published in newspaper with attractive headline. News headlines can be statements given by politicians or any other famous personalities of particular field. If it is lifestyle news, then the headline is written on the name of the dress designer or name of the dress design.

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