Nailing is a job that carpenters, electricians, plumbers and every handyman have to go through. But based on the type of workload, you can choose from a regular nailer or a palm nailer as well.

Talking about the best palm nailers reviews, they're smarter and more compact versions of regular, bulk-sized nail guns. If you would like to know more about palm nailer and uses, this article is solely dedicated to you.

Let's take a break from whatever you are doing, and go through the details-

What is a Palm Nailer?

As the name suggests, palm nailer is a nailer gun that can fit within your palm. Just like any nailer, it uses an air compressor or electric power to create enormous pressure on the nail. As a result, you get to see nail to get inserted at lightning speed.

The major difference between a palm nailer and a regular nailer gun is, palm nailer is pretty compact in size. Also, it's light in weight and easier to use.

Where result nail guns can take heavy tolls of usability and power, palm nailers are opposite. You get to see battery-powered palm nailers which are portable as well.

In terms of precision, palm nailers are also way ahead of regular nail guns. Especially, when it comes to working with nails within 1.5" to 3.5" in size. Besides, there are larger palm nailers which can work with nail sizing from 2" to 6" as well.

Types of Palm Nailer

Based on the powering system, there are three types of palm nailers-

Cordless Palm Nailers

Cordless palm nailers have batteries inside to power them up, and it requires a charge to operate. There is a charger included with each of these nailers for that purpose. Cordless palm nailers are not something that you would like to use every day. Especially, when the work site is somewhere with no AC power source, it can be a good fit.

Electric Palm Nailers

Electric palm nailers are the most popular kind of them all. When it comes to nailing onto a confined area, it's the go-to choice of most carpenters. It consumers AC power through electric cords and the cord itself usually isn't that long. So, make sure that the power source is nearby. Also, use it for the best results in joist hanging or sturdy hanging.

Pneumatic Palm Nailers

Pneumatic palm nailers are the oldest kind of palm nailers. The mechanism is majorly different from the other two types of palm nailers on this list. Instead of electric power, it uses compressed air to power it up. Although Pneumatic palm nailers are less convenient than other two of the list, it still provides sufficient power output for nailing jobs.

Palm Nailer uses

If you take the compact design and the functionality of a palm nailer into consideration, you should have already realized the level of an advantage it should provide to users.

For more insight, here we've noted down the significant and most impactful uses of a palm nailer-

To Nail on Tight and Compact Spaces

When you have to put nails on tight and narrow spaces, a palm nailer comes to be handy. As you can't take the full-size nailers onto that spots, comparatively less-in-size palm nailers are the only option. Some of such spaces are- joist hangers, door top, joints, etc.

When You Need More Accuracy

Sometimes, accuracy in directing the nail becomes more critical than the nailing force that comes from nailer guns. If you are with such a scenario, a palm nailer gun can be your way out.

When You Are Looking for a Cheaper Tool to Nail

As palm nailers are smaller in size, the price point drops down to a great extent. If you're not a professional carpenter or handyman, you may not need a bulky and highly pricey regular nail gun. Instead, using a palm nailer may give you relief.

Going Remote with the Nailer

Regular nail guns require a high amount of power. So, there is no chance you can use a battery to power them up. But when you have to work outdoors or on a place where no AC power is available, you might want to use a DC power driven nailer. And some of the palm nailers will let you do that.

Ease of Use

If you are not so experienced with stuff like nail guns, adapting with those bulky nailers will be a hard nut to crack. Instead, using a palm nailer is way too more comfortable than them. For easy application and swift nailing, you should keep a palm nailer on top of your priority list.

How to Use a Palm Nailer?

Using a regular palm nailer is quite comfortable and convenient. As the name suggests, you've to take it on your left or right palm and fit the strap that comes with the nailer itself.

Then, you've to insert the nail into the nailer's collar that you want to add on the workpiece. There is a magnetic holder that will hold it tight.

Now place the sharp end of the nail against the workpiece that you want to insert the nail in. Press the GO button on the nailer, and it will push the nail on the workpiece. Instead of the switch, some palm nailers work just when you press the nail against the surface.

All you need to be careful about is the position and alignment of the nail. If you align the nail against the surface in the wrong direction, there is a good chance that it will bend.

Also, remember to keep your hands and fingers out of the way of the nail. Otherwise, that might lead to a severe accident.

In Conclusion

If you've made till the end of this post, we appreciate that a lot. Hopefully, you've already gathered quite some idea and made your mind to pick up the right palm nailer for your job.
On the way to your buying decision, hopefully, this guide on palm nailer and uses of it helped. Good luck!

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