Earth is said to be the habitat for around 8 million unique species. Unfortunately today there are certain animal and plants which are on the verge of extinction or some of them have already extinct. Extinction can be defined as complete disappearance of a species from Earth such as Dinosaurs from the Triassic period. Today also we have many species of animals and plants that are categorized under endangered and there are many reasons behind it. The rapid urbanization and exploitation of animal territories by humans is one big reason behind the extinction of many species. Giant panda is one such rarest member of the bear family that is today on the verge of extinction.

Pandas have been popular among people as they are incredibly cute and plumpy. They are the type of animal which you might want to go up and hug, however it could be a huge mistake. Giant pandas weight for over 200 pounds and are extremely powerful animals. Their natural food includes tough bamboo and they have one of the strongest bites in animal kingdom. The general life span of panda who is free and wild could be around 20 years and if they are captive and protected the life span might get extended up to 25 years. Pandas are pigeon-toed, which means they walk with their front paws bent inwards.

The geographical habitat of panda is China only and some Chinese philosopher uses them as their subject to explain world to be a combination of two opposite forces which comes together to bring peace. Because of its black and white color and peaceful nature, Chinese people use panda as a symbol of peace. They are really amazing animal and are an integral part of animal kingdom. Here are some interesting Panda Facts that you might be unaware of:

• Pandas are omnivorous, which means they can eat both vegetables and meat, although 99% of panda only eats around 20 different types of bamboo. Since the bamboo is poor in nutrition’s; they have to consume at least 20 kg per day.
• They have been living on earth for around 2-3 million years which is the same time as when human beings have evolved.
• Unlike most other bears, Pandas don’t hibernate. As they mostly eat bamboo and it don’t provide them enough energy to stay through winters.
• Pandas are born looking like baby badgers — fur-less, pink and blind. The iconic black and white color comes later, mostly after three weeks.
• Not all giant pandas are black and white in color some are brown and white as well, though they are very rare.

Unfortunately, these cute, teddy-bear like creatures with large, front-facing eyes and extremely furry body are one of the endangered species. They have been on the brink of extinction and have been on the endangered species list since 1990.

The main reason for them being listed under such category is a loss of habitat. Since human beings are too busy in developing their surrounding and innovating new technology, they are cleaning forest at very rapid pace. Much of the bamboo forests have been cleared which panda needs to survive as it is the major food for most of them. Pandas cannot adapt life outside the bamboo forest like most of the other animals. The other reason is difficulty in reproducing, pandas are said to be extremely choosy towards their mates even in captivity.

In addition, poaching is also an issue for the decreased number of panda on the planet. Such difficulty in reproduction, adaptability and limited forest area are some of the main reason behind panda’s being listed as endangered. With really low number of wild panda, even a single panda killed by poachers could be a devastating loss. It is high time, human being starts acknowledging their ill-habits.

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