The financial market provides an avenue for business growth and sales of products. The state of a nation's economic market determines sales of individual products manufactured in the country. If a country is experiencing currency fluctuations; the high cost of living will occur if the currency is low in value, and the other way round if it is high in importance. Many factors determine a good market in a country.

The first section is what to produce. Productivity is a crucial determinant of a good market. If the right products are manufactured at the desired time, the sales will outweigh the wrong time.

It has been predicted that CBD Oel in the German market would spike in use. Before the outbreak of the disease, many predictions were made which favor the growth of the CBD market. By 2019, an annual increase of 107% was observed. Also, it was predicted that by 2023 the increase would be $23.5 billion.

Organizations that have orientated themselves properly will definitely try to earn from the highly demanded CBD market. With so many different products to choose from filling an order, needs have been easy and well-received.

The future of CBD products is a bright one until the epidemic of COVID-19. The virus started affecting the German market by affecting production. When productivity is low, sales will definitely reduce.

The pandemic is killing the three pillars of good business; which include productivity, marketing, and distribution. The epidemic had affected the country's economy and as a result, the economy has a lower purchase capitol. A typical financial crisis is identified by low production, with high average demands. In the case of the Corona-recession, both the production and demand have dropped in quantities. The lock-down causes a significant low in orders and production.

Factors Affecting the Growth of German Market

When there is a disaster, inevitable changes occur in the economy. The affected German market spread across all the productivity in the country.

Production, marketing, and distribution are the main factors that affect the supply and demand for CBD oil products.

Production: productivity is one of the pillars of good business. Effective production requires several employees. Employees are the spirit behind the creation.

During the lock-down, the quantity of production is low. A small amount of CBD products are made available for consumption.

Also, during the period of the disaster, consumer demand - dictates the level of production. People tend to spend money on food and drug rather than buying CBD products, although the medicinal CBD oils continue to have high demand because of the health-related-advantages.

Little can be achieved during the crisis period. The German economy downfall did affect the demand; likewise, the lock-down production becomes affected. If low demand and low supply coincide, the destruction will be higher than a single occurrence.

Marketing: marketing spending has been down for the CBD market coinciding with the downturn in sales. Efforts to expand into other markets have been slowed dramatically.


Distribution: distribution may follow the channels of the producer-seller-buyer scheme or the consumer can get it directly from the manufacturer. Sales in this division have slowed. This is due to low production. Although distribution may coincide with marketing, output determines the number of products that will be distributed.


Product sales are due to many factors; some include production, marketing, and distribution. Without the three basics of economics, optimum sales might not be achieved. Sales, in general, are down a bit. 

COVID-19 pandemic has affected the three pillars. Therefore, the CBD oil sales are currently depleting both in availability and supply.

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