The Acclaimed Pandemic Board Game is a clever yet simple social board game like no other. Its one of the few board games that our family can play safely. There's no money involved. No lying stealing or cheating your opponent. Its all about co-operation.

Pandemic is quite dissimilar from most board games because players must be developing their game plan and strategy shoulder to shoulder, as opposed to playing against each other. The players in Pandemic, as a team, will need to co-operate their work to cease a planetary catastrophe.

An Outline of Pandemic.

Competitors in playing Pandemic together are each allotted a function, and set the designated character's pawn in Atlanta to commence. Nine contagion cards are exposed to populate the earth with infectious markers, and so the cards will be put in the dispose pile. On your round, you get four tasks to complete. An action will be proceeding to the next metropolis, destroying a contagion block from your present city centre, making a research place in the present position, or healing one of the disease cases.

After your four jobs, you must go on to remove two more cards, which would likely show you how to travel to different towns and get rid of diseases, but could possibly be one of the life threatening EPIDEMIC cards that extend the contagion rate. Once you have got out your cards, you are required to expose the top few cards of the disease deck, and include disease pieces to the cities disclosed.

If a fourth disease cube is ever be added to one of the urban areas, that city sustains an eruption, distributing cubes to all adjoining localities. If eight epidemics take place during Pandemic or if so many blocks of one colour are added to the board, the participants lose the game. If the participants can find a way to help remedy all four diseases before the draw pile runs out, the players succeed in winning the game.

As a community style board game, Pandemic provides a enjoyable change of pace from most board games that otherwise require competition within and between players. Rather than vying against each other, players are excepted to work together to seek to overcome the game itself. This makes Pandemic a howling game for players who don't like excessively militant games, or players who normally might not revel a board game because other players always outsmart them. In Pandemic, each player can partake in the battle.

Pandemic provides a reasonably interesting cooperative board game experience at a level that will ordinarily not take as long to be familiar with or play. Your family functions as a team. Your goals are the same and the energy of the game is at times electric.

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