The rise of the consumption and demand for paper will be recovered once paper industry are back to normal production

The production of Rs 75000-crore paper industry has resumed after the functioning of certain industries were implied from April 15. As per the latest news on paper industry, there could be an impact on the growth due to the loss of demand in the lockdown period. The industry is making a specific approach towards becoming hopeful to compensate for the loss with 6 percent growth in the coming 9 months.

What is the paper industry expecting?

• President of Indian Paper Manufacturer Association (IPMA) states that the loss due to the halt in the production could not be easily compensated.
• The recovery of the industry could become optimistic only through normalization of demand and transport facilities.
• The active units for the demand are only restricted to the newsprint and packaging material produced during the lockdown.
• On the other hand, the demand for paper will rise once the government offices, books and stationery shops are back to normal business.

How has technology impacted the paper production?

During the lockdown phase, the need for paper has reduced to an alarming rate. This is due to the advent of technology. The use of gadgets and internet facilities has served as a boon which could result in a long term impact on the demand for paper and its consumption.

The situation needs to be normalized to see and analyze the rise in consumption and demand for paper. As home delivery commences, the demand for packaging material might see in the rise for the industry.

Once life is back to a normal pace, consumption of paper will also get back on its track. Apart from the quarter sales, the paper sector could see a growth of nearly 6 percent. Before the commencement of the financial year, the sales were hit with 15-20%

JK Paper industry did open their factories in Gujarat and Odisha while the third is in Telangana which is in the process to open. The local administration green signalled for the staff working. As most of the employees are within the industrial township around the plant, and commute does not become a problem. The problem is the pandemic and lockdown has affected the business structure of the company where they would forward the cutting of fixed cost rather than slashing salaries or job cuts.

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