Between the bills, bank statements, magazines, and how can we forget the infamous junk mail, it seems like we are constantly shifting documents and pieces of correspondence from the mailbox to the kitchen counter to perhaps your desk and then before you know it the pile up resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

What can you do about the post problem and the constant barrage of this and that that never seems to end? Have a simple organizational system that works for you, is convenient, in clear sight and that promotes continuous use. There’s nothing worse than spending your valuable time systematizing, arranging and sorting only to discover days down the line that the order doesn’t seem to fit your schedule or lifestyle. So how do you discover a way of regulating your paper piles? Easy, try something. Today I bring you a surefire friendly way to grasp a hold of your plethora of piles.

~Designate a specific area in your home that will be the catch-all for all of your paper collections. This spot will be the go-to destination for all your paper pieces when you just don’t have the time to sort, separate and purge the day’s mail. Why not use a basket and leave it in clear view as to not set yourself up for an out of sight dilemma.

~When you find yourself with a few moments of time empty your catch-all basket and sort your mail into the following piles: Bills to pay, magazines to meander through, rubbish to recycle, items to file and pleasure mail.

~Now take care of the specific paper trails. Place magazines in appropriate locations so that they can be enjoyed when the time is right. Put the junk mail in your recycling container being sure to shred your address and any personal information. Place statements and such in your filing cabinet or accordion folder, and if you are fortunate enough to have received individual correspondence set it aside for a special time when you can curl up with a favorite beverage of choice and enjoy it’s offerings.

~Now to bill paying. Perhaps choosing a delegated day to accomplish this task would make this task less cumbersome. As you know once you begin this chore it takes only moments to be done and over with. Gather your bill paying supplies and sit down to tackle the job. Don’t forget that many of your bills can be paid on-line which cuts out the paperwork and the filing. It’s easy to set up and once completed will alleviate the issue of dealing with it at home.

Don’t forget to always shed paperwork of any kind with your personal information on it. The last thing you want or need is a garbage picker disrupting your privacy.

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