Don’t Indulge In Fear, that’s the Juice for the Old Paradigm Engine

During these times of uncertainty, economy troubles, conspiracies that are coming to light, and the coming world changes that must happen in order for humanity to continue, it is challenging for many to stay out of the fear frequencies since there is so much to support it on the outside. However, I encourage you to refrain from indulging in fear, that is the juice that that old paradigm engine runs on. There is much to hope for, there is much power in the mass consciousness to affect change, and even though humanity is well-known for coming through at the last possible moment, the 11th hour, it always does so. It is your challenge at this time to remain calm and stay out of fear. With that, we can create great changes. Realize that even if you die, you do not really die, the life of being a human is only a temporary experience for the eternal being that you already are. If you can live your life from that perspective, then it is a life free of fear. Nothing can harm you, not even death. So have heart and keep faith in the goodness of humanity emerging forth. We are about the enter a very important part of humanity’s evolutionary path, and when we look back on this a thousand years from now, we will see it as the huge historical defining moment that it was. It is our transition into a quantum leap in the evolutionary path of humanity, this big project we’ve all been working on just by being born here!

So here are some things to help you see that things are happening to create the better world without a huge dramatic death sequence, which is not necessary in order to create the world changes that need to happen.

Jane Burgermeister files charges against the WHO, UN, Baxter, and high profile figures for attempted Bioterrorism

Thank God! Someone had the brilliance and bravery to file charges against the vaccine companies for attempted bioterrorism, and filed charges against the WHO, UN and even Obama and some other high profilers for attempted mass murder through untested vaccines that they are trying to make mandatory for the masses! Yay! 1 point for the hometeam! Jane Burgermeister has done something incredible, called these secret societies on their plans to hurt a lot of people! Lots of people have been getting ready to flee the USA with their kids because of these mandatory vaccines, but it doesn't matter where you go, this was going to be a world wide thing.

She is a saint, a very brave lady! I wish I thought of doing this, but even if I did, I don't know if I would have been brave enough since the energies of the dark forces will be turned directly onto anyone who took such action, besides the fact that I simply don't have this kind of money that it would take to make this happen. So I have deep gratitude and respect for this really great lady who takes the bull by the horns! This takes kutzpah. I’m sure she knew it was not going to be an easy road to attract this sort of attention to herself.

Now what Jane needs is a lot of people holding space for her. She was even fired the next day after she filed the lawsuit against the big wigs who are trying to make this mass murder happen through created pandemics and faulty vaccines that are designed to unravel the immune system and weaken your defenses. The secret societies are going to sock it to her with psychic attacks, try to cause her an accident, cause her life to unravel, everything. I know how they work, I’ve seen it before. They will do things to her with the law, whatever they can do to make her drop the charges and withdraw the lawsuit, etc. We all need to surround her with light, love and safety. Hold a bubble of protective energy around her, see all the support she needs coming to her, see the finances manifesting for this incredible feat of the law, and give your energy to her efforts. She has done something to protect us all from the wanton pandemic that these people are trying to cause and then the vaccines that were going to hurt them even worse. Please join me in this effort. Jane has launched the lawsuit to bring this great travesty to the forefront so everyone knows what is happening, since it has been all been happening behind closed doors up to now. The only way to make this go public was to file a lawsuit. It will probably still be suppressed in the news, since all the media outlets are owned by the people who are trying to launch this plan, but we’ll see what happens. The internet is a wonderful thing and let’s hope it lasts!

You can also donate to the fund for the lawsuit, this is going to be big time and expensive. I'm giving you a url where you will find paypal and bank info if you want to donate to her lawsuit. I feel moved to do so myself. She is fighting for all of us.;read=150686

Bill Deagle and Lawyers Working On Injunctions in Each State Against Mandatory Vaccinations

Also, Bill Deagle has a team of lawyers working on finding all the loopholes in the laws in every state and also in Canada in order to file injunctions against a mandatory vaccine as well at the state level, so please hold a space for him as well so that he and his team are safe and that his lawyers find all the necessary clauses and laws that will enable an injuntion to be filed in every state against the mandatory vaccine being manifested. We really need for this to happen, to hold them at bay at least just a little longer. If martial law is declared, all laws are out the window, but at least this could hold them off another year.

Free Meditations For A Smooth Paradigm Shift and World Change

Please hold space every day for the well-being of all people and the masses, and for the paradigm to shift without deaths. It is not necessary that there be a lot of deaths in order for the world to change for the better. There is a very serious play in consciousness going on right now and we all need to pay attention. This is not something to brush under the carpet and let other people take care of. We all must get involved, at least at the consciousness level where we set our intentions as part of the mass consciousness for what we want. This is not a time to just do your thing and hope somebody out there works it all out. You are needed for the consciousness you have to offer to this shift.

I have been closely monitoring what is going on and working on the inner planes on the energy and pre-matter levels to cause confusion and disturbance for the elite who want to harm the masses and cause a lot of deaths. I have also been working with pre-matter to manifest a smooth shift into a better world, which is the next step in humanity's evolution. We need to lend our energies to the outcome we all want to see. I am going to be uploading 25 free meditations to deal with all of these things in the next couple of months at so bookmark my page and keep an eye out for all the free meditations I will be giving everyone to use. You can distribute them freely, use them in groups, etc, in order to lend our energies to manifesting world changes gently rather than in a rough way. We all need to work together. I have attached a list of the meditations that will be uploaded by the end of the summer, but in the meantime, you can focus on all these topics yourself and guide others in similar meditations that you make up in your groups, or simply do them on your own. It doens't have to be a long meditation, even if you just take 5 minutes here and there in a day and focus for a moment on the inner planes where things can be changed more easily before they have manifested on the physical plane.

Find the meditations sometime toward end of August, beginning of Sept at

Be A Player In the Mass Consciousness Efforts

This is very important my dear friends. Please be a part of the mass consciousness efforts to create a beautiful future, rather than the future of terror and suffering that only a small percentage of the leaders want. We far outnumber the 1% of the powerful people who have all the money, military and power, but what they don't know is that the laws of the universe simply cannot be overridden (or do they and that is why they have to decrease the numbers?). What the mass consciousness wants, the mass consciousness gets. However, what is needed is participation, and that's where you come in. Just lend your heart to this a little bit every day, and it will make a huge difference. All of us working together on the inner planes and in our hearts is a force to be reckoned with.

My love to all,
Christine Breese

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