Paralysis could be a condition wherever a part or the whole body loses it’s operating. A part of the body is termed as palsy and complete is paralysis.

There are multiple reasons for this condition. The foremost common two reasons are uncontrolled high pressure or head injury. Rarely tumors can even cause dysfunction. If the causative issue is high BP, then the key reason behind its erratic fashion. Feverish lifestyle including inactive life adds to that. Improper sleep patterns and avoirdupois can even be some factors.

Continuously beneath mentally nerve-wracking setting is another major reason for top BP. Once the person is diagnosed hypertensive, he ought to ne'er neglect his medication and regular check-ups area unit a requirement.
Usually brain injury results in this condition. Injury to the neural structure can even happen. This results in the explosive weakening of 1 aspect of the body. Typically once the left aspect of the brain is affected, the correct aspect paralyses and contrariwise. Immediate attention is needed to stay the condition from worsening. Ayurveda manages such cases with a lot of promise. Most significantly, as mentioned before, the BP is brought in restraint. Clubbed with therapy, our external and internal treatments Ayurveda very effective in handling such conditions. The earliest exposure to piece of writing is that the key to speedy recovery.

Paralysis is that the loss of muscle movement within the body. Our sense of movement is controlled by communication between the sensory nerves (which area unit a part of the peripheral system) and also the central nervous system; comprised of the brain and spinal cord. Disruption of communication of nerve impulses anyplace on the pathway from the brain to the muscles will impair management of muscle movement and cause muscle weakness and loss of coordination. Muscle weakness will reach dysfunction, loss of the power to maneuver the muscles.

Symptoms of dysfunction
* Any hand or (and) leg looses its activity.
* Any 2 hands or legs loose their activity.
* All the four limbs get unfit.
* Voiding and excreting get preserved or become most problematic.
* Face gets deviated to at least one aspect. One aspect gets loosen resulting in a partialclouser of 1 eye. There’ll be no tightness within the jaw line of the affected aspect.
* The attention shades tear uncontrollable. Patient looses speech or the voice gets unintelligible.
* Tongue additionally gets unfit inflicting hassle in speaking and swallowing food.
* Together with of these symptoms there Ayurveda another complications those prevail.
* 1.As the patient gets sick bedsores surface because of prolonged contact with bed.
* 2. Whenever any half gets unfit it loses its operating capability. Because of lack of activity as per the declination theory that half becomes stiff.
* 3. Because the patient doesn't have any management over stiffness, there develops articular deformity.
* 4. Due to lack of activity, within the unfit half the muscles lose their tonus. Step by step the muscle turns into nothing however simply a covering of the bone.
* As a result that half becomes diluting. This is often referred to as muscle wasting.
* Typically high blood pressure causes dysfunction, typically the contrariwise takes place.
* Besides all of those physical complications there arise some mental complications like depression, head reeling, orthogonal dialogues etc.

* Pancha karma could be a terribly flourishing method of treatment for the management of dysfunction. Pancha karma suggests that 5 prime therapies i.e. Vaman, Virechan, Anuvasan vasti, Asthapan Vasti and Nasya. Some therapies considerably useful for the management of disfunction area unit delineated as follows.

* Before focusing over the ‘impact of Panchakarma treatment over Paralysis’ the author would really like to gift a straightforward matter in better thanks to perceive. Bamboo theory
Take one dry bamboo stick. Attempt to build a hoop. It’ll break down. Take another bamboo stick of a similar stature .Keep it within associate degree oil tank for seven days and heat it up with hearth. Then attempt to build a hoop of it. It is done.

Kindly notice, if a heat oil treatment will bring most flexibility in an exceedingly dry bamboo what proportion flexibility it will bring over a living body.
According to the constitution of the body, diet follow-up is crucial for health and longevity. Each patient ought to observe precautions in diet the time of usage of the medication to avoid aggravation and to get speedy results.

Pancha karma Treatment
Application of oil or drawn butter, internally or outwardly is named snehan fate. Internally medicated drawn butter or oil is run to melt the interior doshas or nephrotoxic principles. External application of the fatty substance brings softness and adaptability to the muscles and removes their stiffness.

It is a sweating and fomentation medical aid which incorporates a decent range of procedures. outwardly it makes the body versatile and internally opens the small channels that eases the elimination of the toxins. Any pancha fate treatment starts with snehan(oleation) and swedan(sweating) therapies.

Pizhichil could be a method wherever four therapists pour 2 liters of heat medicated oil over the patient’s body and massage from shoulder to toes.

Continuous flow of medicated fluid over the top is named Shirodhara. Shirodhara has impact over the medulla. It stimulates the central system. It cools down the nerve excitation. Shirodhara is extremely abundant useful for the management of sleep disorder, neurosis, paralysis, skin disease, depression, irritable intestine syndrome (IBS).

Nawara kizhi:
Nawarakizhi could be a medicated rice pudding sweating medical aid that is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, energetic, wholesome and opposing chronic naturally.
Anuvasan vasti:
In this treatment medicated oil gets entered into the body through the annus. It tones up the joints round the waist space.

Asthapan vasti:
A mixture of medicated oil, favorer simmering, honey is introduced into the gut through the anuus and gets expelled together with the stool and vata dosha. It brings strength to the low back. Anuvasan vasti and Asthapan vasti combinedly area unit thus effective they're thought to be 1/2 Pancha fate treatment. It ought to be performed solely by skillful doctor.

Exercise plays an important role within the management of dysfunction. It strengthens the muscles, nerves. However it ought to be a post panchakarma treatment only the body becomes versatile. Unless there could occur grave complications like ligament tear, ligament sublaxation etc.

According to Ayurveda science, dysfunction happens once the Vata Dosha aggravates within the brain. Strenuous exercise, continuous exposure to fret, wakefulness or obstruction of channels gift within the brain cause aggravation of the Vata Dosha. Aggravated Vata Dosha will dry up the nerves with adverse effects on the other aspect of the body. Dysfunction is with success treated in Ayurveda with the mixture of general medicine and external treatments. Treatment typically varies with the patient's condition.

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