There are many ways we perceive things; we see reflections all around us. What is normal? What is not normal? What is beyond normal? These are the questions that a paranormal psychic deals with.

Seeking out the limits of normality and overcoming them is a main part of being psychic. If we perceive something usual, it's normal. If we perceive something not usual, then it's not normal. 'Paranormal' is just a fancy way of saying 'beyond normal', for things that boggle our minds.

Labels like that are sometimes useful, sometimes not. A psychic should be ready to use them or discard them, depending on the situation. Accept deep reality for what it is - don't depend on categories and fixed perceptions.

And what is reality? We project our own realities upon the fabric of the universe. If we collect all the labels a person uses, then that is what makes up that person's reality. The things and perceptions that don't fit - well, we make them fit so we feel safe and shielded from the unknown.

The paranormal psychic compares one person's reality to another person's reality, and looks for the things that slip through the cracks. This inner drive to see through to the essence of things can lead a psychic to truly knowing oneself.

It's easy to start: just observe how you see yourself, other people, and the world around you. Observe the actions and behavior of others, and do your best to guess and understand how they see the world. Do this many times, and you will see 'collective reality' which we call normal. Then, the difference between 'normal' and 'paranormal' will start to make sense to you.

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