If there’s one department where your wits as a parent are truly tested, it’s about disciplining the children. We are sure that there’s that constant nagging thought: Was the scolding too much today? Should I have handled it in a different way? And, it’s not always about how much discipline is too much. It’s also about the ways you choose to discipline your kids.

At Sapphire International School, we have always believed that scolding or raising your hand on the kids is never the right way to discipline them. In fact, we consider positive reinforcement as the most effective form of discipline. And, as such, parental appreciation can be one of the finest disciplinary techniques that you can adopt for your children.

So, on that note, let’s get into the details of how your appreciation can be an effective disciplinary technique for your kids.

A way to differentiate between right and wrong

Appreciation is a great way to teach children about the difference between right and wrong. When we appreciate our kids for the right choices made by them, we also imply that they should continue making more of such choices. At the end of the day, appreciative words from the parents mean so much more to the kids than we can imagine.

So, when they are appreciated for their decisions, they will strive to earn more of such praises from you by continuing on the right path.

Appreciation helps the children in learning

Our aim in disciplining the children is to help them learn about the things that they should and should not do. You can scold the kids as much as you want, but that hardly makes them learn anything.

Telling them, “I really appreciate that you tried your best to improve your performance in history. Try a bit harder, and I’m sure you’ll excel this time” will work so much better than “what’s wrong with you? Why can’t you be better at history?” It helps them learn that they need to work harder instead of making them feel inadequate.

Acknowledging the efforts made by the kids

It is important to acknowledge the hard work and efforts put in by your kids by showing them an appreciation for the same. Think of it as a form of encouragement towards the children.

Make sure to convey the message that you are noticing even the little acts of betterment that they do. For instance, a “good job” when they finish their homework in time or maybe a “well done” when they clean up their room nicely can also work wonders in raising well-disciplined children.

A great alternative to physical punishments

One of the main reasons why we are so against physical punishments is that it teaches the children that violence is okay when someone does something wrong. Surely, it’s not a message that you would want the kids to learn when they grow up. We will have to remember that our kids have highly absorbent minds, and every action of ours leaves a mark therein.

At Sapphire International School, one of the leading schools near Crossing Republik, Indirapuram, we firmly believe that when disciplinary techniques are positive and affirmative, it also delivers the idea that mistakes can be corrected when given a chance. Yes, we do understand that children tend to become so mischievous at times that it feels too hard to keep calm. In such situations, our advice would be to just remove yourself from the situation, and try to cool down before talking to your kids. Once your anger subsides, try to find positive ways to discipline the children rather than resorting to the unfruitful practice of scolding and spanking. Try it out, and you will experience a far better connection with your kids for sure.

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We at Sapphire International School believe that Parental Appreciation plays a highly important role in motivating kids and boosts them.