In this era of modernization everything has seemed to change, develop and evolve. Be it for the better or not, we just couldn’t stop this constant change in our world. In our day to day human existence, we tend to learn new things and eventually adopt well. There is also the so- called survival of the fittest and even mutation. But before we get too deep, scientific and technical, perhaps it is good to look at our human and humane aspect very well at the affective level.
Biologically and sociologically speaking even psychologically, a person has a cyclic life and every species has its sole role and responsibility. Each plays a unique role in a system, chain. From the very moment his life begun in the womb, his parents and most parents do that to their child, from that moment, they already have an idea of what he might become in the future. Parents tend to imagine and day-dream something wonderful for their child and despite that, there remain a feeling of excitement, happiness and even fear.
Has everything really changed, at all? Before a baby is born, most often than not, he is expected to go to school, have a career after and later on have his own family. And the process is the same with his child to be. Perhaps, it is only the in-between that varies, of how one lives his life, as how a certain parent will rear a child. And how it will affect or influence that child’s parenting style when the time comes.
In line with this, has parenting really changed, developed and evolved? Today’s parenting is greatly influenced by modernity and technology. There are those old practices that are still applicable now and those that are not anymore and have become obsolete. Parents cope with the prevailing style and trend. Modern babies are more involved to the society’s activities and a lot of companies opened and catered to address their needs and discover baby’s potentials. To name a few, there is now the industry of baby modeling, baby photography, baby photo contests and a lot more!
Parents are also more inclined of letting their bundle of joy enter and participate into this new face of baby stardom. It is subjective though because there are still those who are hesitant and remained “conservative”. They all have their valid reason and it is worth respecting. We all agree that there is still no perfect parenting technique since everything is learned through experience. What is effective for one child may not be at all for the other child. We simply have come to an acceptance the every child is unique and each and every child is worth all the love in the world. Parenthood is indeed a great responsibility.
For those who consider joining a baby photo contest, baby modeling and etc., there are a variety of venues to do so. They are those parents who can’t help but garner all the praises in the world for having a cute and adorable child. But the fact remains that every parent sees their child as the cutest and most lovable, who wouldn’t anyway?
So, as a parent and if you think your child has what it takes to be in that baby photo contest and any other baby field, it is not yet too late to make up your mind and widen your baby’s horizon.

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Jill is a full time writer, contributor and researcher to a parenting and baby website that focused on baby photo contest. She, herself is also a mother to a 1 year old. To know more about baby photo contest, visit