The world of parenthood is full of excitement and awesome feelings, but it also comes with lots of other responsibilities. And one of the major responsibilities when your baby comes into this world is naming the baby. If we check the trend of last few years, parents are experimenting a lot to give their kids unique names. Many parents have also chosen to be techy. There are many baby girl names (inspired from technology) available that you can choose from.

Inspired from the most popular social network site, Facebook, parents are experimenting with names such as ‘Like’. Whether you are aware of this fact or not, but it is fun to know that an Israeli couple chose the name ‘Like’ for their daughter.The parents expressed that the name ‘Like’ for their daughter sounds ‘short and sweet’ as well unique and innovative. This is the not the first time any parent has named their baby inspired from technology. Earlier this year, a family in Egypt named their daughter "Facebook." The child's full name is Facebook Ibrahim.

Seeing these facts, there is now quite a trend in choosing unique girl names. And apart from these names, there are lots of other combinations or techy names that you can opt for (if
you dare to do so). Here are the top five Tech-Inspired baby girl names.

Oracle: This can be interesting and unique name for your girl. Oracle builds computer hardware systems and enterprise software products, and it is the third-largest software maker by revenue. But the name ‘Oracle’ is sweet and easy to pronounce.

Perl: It is not something related to a shining object, but a programming language. If you want something interesting and reasonable, Perl is a good choice.

Ruby: An open source programming language, but it doesn’t give the impression of too much tech-inspired. Simple 4 letters word, but quite interesting and sober.

Linus: It’s other tech-inspired baby girl name that can be quite interesting for open-source lovers.

Hashtag: Very popular term amongst social networking freaks. But it is now a name of a baby girl. Recently, a couple named their daughter ‘Hashtag’.

The above mentioned names have their own uniqueness and soberness. But it all depends on your choice… what kind of name you want for your daughter. If you dig deep into the technology glossary, chances are very bright that you will find much more interesting names. Besides that, if you want to add your own suggestions, just visit the comment section. Maybe, you will come up with something that may rule the roost in the years to come.

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