Many parents think admitting their kid to any good school is everything. They hardly realize that giving them their quality time is equally important to strengthen their relationship with their children. It is also helpful for the kids for their development and their happiness. Through the interview of thousands of children it has been discovered that child don’t want the time spent with their parents to be long but it should be quality one. Parents should let the children know that how much they love and have care for them. Children are always attention seeker and when they don’t get the attention they feel neglected. Attention gives them the power to live and reinforce positive behavior in them.

When you find doing your child something good just appreciate them. Try to get your child’s attention before you give a direction to them. Parents should always be within three feet of their child so that they can share everything. You can get the attention of your child by addressing them with their name, sustaining eye contact or switching off the lights. The instruction which is given to the child should be short and simple. If the instruction is too lengthy then it becomes difficult for the child to understand. When a child is given more then one instruction at one time they may forget, not understand and get puzzled. Always praise your child whenever they do a good job after following the instruction.

When parent spend time with the kids then they can develop good eating habit in their child. Good nutrition is essential for the child and they will only learn how to eat healthy foods if you teach them. If you really want your children to develop healthy eating habits then you have to teach and show them what healthy eating habits are. It all begins with you and what you have within your house and what you eat. If the child sees that their parent’s buys potato chips at the store and eats regularly then the child also adopt the same habit. It is not good to expect your child to eat healthy snacks and meals while you sit around eating potato chips all day long. Parents also keep in mind that they should practice all their instructions that they deliver to their kids.

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