Are you missing amazing and beauty of nature in your life? If your answer is yes then plan your next vacation in New York to avail the beauty and refreshment of lush green plants and trees, which are most important part of natural beauty. You can breathe here in fresh and open air. This city has many beautiful natural parks with greenery. It has best parks in the world, some of them are following:Central Park is the most important park of this city. This park is in the central place of Manhattan and due to its attraction everyone visit this park therefore you also visit it during your vacations. This park is the most beautiful place to visit with family because it provides all kind of activities to all age groups. Environment of this park is natural therefore everybody feel relaxation here and children enjoy different kind of activities.

Most popular activities of this park include ice skating, rock and rope climbing, boating, and birding. There are many spectaculars, which include Duke Ellington, Central Zoo, Alice of Wonderland, and Angel of Water and Balto.It is better for you that you visit this park during summer vacations because in this season you can be a part of many events going in this park.Bryant Park is the second most important park of this city. Most of the people visit this park. Same like other parks of the city you can enjoy beautiful and enjoying moments and time with your family in this park. This park has nine acres and has longest part of grass than all other parks of Manhattan. Main attraction of this park is Statue of William. This park also hosts a large number of events every year in summer season.

This park is organizing a Summer Festival every year since 1990s. If you make visit of this park in-between July and August then you can become part of many events like Summer Festival and Broadway. Children can play and enjoy riding of La Carousel and many other activities. Young generation and all other people can enjoy and play ping-pong, backgammon, and chess. This park also has a reading room in which you can read a variety of books. There is no need of membership or identification to read these books.Long list of parks in New York is incomplete without another important park Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. This park comes into beginning in 1910 and it has area more than 52 acres. This park is home of art gallery which hosts many shows of different artists of the state. This park also has Bonsai Museum, C V Starr, and an Aquatic Plant House for enjoyment. This house in made up of pure white color cost iron and transparent glass of high quality. Garden of this park has more than 10,000 different species of different plants of the world. Major parts of this park are Children Garden, Cranford Garden, and Garden of Shakespeare.

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