I wrote this just for you... Choosing to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy... Why? Because you are constantly being bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and simply bad information. From super low prices to unqualified ‘gurus’ and near worthless methods, how do you ever find a qualified, competent professional nutrition and fitness expert to follow and to help guide you?

You start by reading this article then you make a commitment to yourself that regardless what path you go down you will not stop through the little bumps in the road or the huge walls that seem to erect themselves directly in your path... You can have anything you want and right now you want your goal fitness level... Whether that is to lose 10 pounds, lose 250 pounds or to prep for Mrs. America, this guide will help. Enjoy and I hope that after reading the article you will feel more able to make informed and intelligent decisions on your journey! Good Luck!


1. Can I see myself sticking with this?

- If you can focus on how good your life will be when you reach your goal, it will strengthen your motivation and commitment. Strong motivation and commitment are critical to a successful plan.

2. Is this the best time for me to start a lifestyle change?

- Some times are better than others for making important changes. Be sure to look ahead. Are there things that might make it harder for you at this point? Are you in the midst of a crisis? Is it holiday time? Or is this a quiet time, a time when you can give your body the attention it needs?

3. Can I do this alone or do I need help?

- Of course, it is you yourself who must physically lose the weight, but many women feel the need for extra support. This can come from people close to you or from a support group of women interested in fitness. Never “just wing it”, you will set yourself up for failure. Make sure you have a strong Nutrition and Fitness Guide to lead the way.

4. Do I know how to avoid binge episodes?

- Studies have shown that learning from mistakes is an invaluable tool for change. There simply is no real personal change without making mistakes. During your lifestyle change, you'll need to find ways to accept your cheats, understand why they happen, and use this knowledge to lessen your number of cheats in the future. Treat the next meal as a new beginning and don;t look back.

5. Am I willing to make my lifestyle change a priority?

- Can you put your new nutrition plan and all that it entails at the top of your list? If you want to be successful you need to do this. Give your plan and all that goes along with it a real importance in your day-to-day life.

6. Do I believe in myself?

- Past failures may have really cut into your belief in your ability to stick to your plan. You may not know that you really can change. Begin to think about all the strengths you have that will contribute to your success. Write them down and add to your list whenever you think of another strength.

7. Do I have a workable strategy for my weight loss goal?

- Maintaining all the changes necessary for weight loss is difficult, but most important. You need to prepare yourself to keep to these changes, even in difficult situations. You also need to plan for lapses?those times when you might slip back into old behaviors. Make sure you have all of the right tools.

I hope you liked that and Good Luck!

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Audrey the Bikini Mom


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