Prior to developing channel communications strategies, it is crucial to pay special heed to the existing standard operating procedures for proper channel management and designing effective channel procedures. What is more important is to figure out the right partner portal that can be used in streamlining the process. Therefore, you should know what partner portal is and how it can play a crucial role.

What is a Partner Portal?

A partner portal is nothing but an online application that makes it possible for partners or affiliates of a business to have direct access to assorted resources of sales and marketing. When you talk about its importance, please remember that a partner portal play a significant role in providing the affiliate or partner with some tools that can be utilized in maintaining the relationship. It may provide you access to data as upcoming sales available only through affiliates. You can easily figure out the current status of an order that is recently placed by the affiliate or its customer. In other words, partner portals can help you track information on sales and commission figures as well.

Develop Channel Procedures

Initially, channel procedures consisted of faxing, orders, reports, physically meeting with vendors or making telephonic conversations. With the course of the time, the internet technology has brought a revolutionary change in it and now, you can easily get rid of unnecessary traveling as well as communication glitches. For providing portals where the reseller can update their data in real time, the vendors can hire third party solution providers. In other words, in streamlining channel procedures, in the past, resellers required fax reports, but now, they can do with updating a form in the portal. Now, you can have access to information you require anywhere and anytime!

Enhance Your Channel Partnership

Channel partnership, in broad sense of the term, is often used for denoting the nature of the partnership between a manufacturer and a dealer or reseller. A channel partner has to enter into a deal with a manufacturer to market the products as well services. With this arrangement, the producer or the manufacturer has the opportunity to market their products and services whereas the channel partners can have the access to profitable products or services as well as the resources to promote them. In other words, this relationship can let the both parties share profits. It is served as an efficient business module for the most IT firms in terms of enhancing their production.

Besides marketing and sales, a partner portal can serve the best purpose as solution for monitoring process and updating required skills of the partners. Needless to say that proper partner and channel communications can play a significant role for the business to grow and expand.

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