Most vendors have come to rely on channel partners to help expand their business and increase sales. Vendors usually have hundreds and thousands of channel partners including wholesalers, resellers, retailers, VARs etc to help their business grow. Though vendors do feel that channel partners are helpful for their business but what deters them about channel management is the task of managing so many channel partners - maintaining contact with them, communicating them about company policies, keeping a tab on their sales report and providing them sales training from time to time. All these factors make channel management a huge challenge for the vendors. But thanks to Partner Portal Programs, channel management is not as tough as it used to be. In fact the task has been extremely simplified. Moreover, you can take help of channel partner management services to devise customized software that can help you carry out cumbersome tasks with ease.

Why Partner Portal Programs are Necessary

Partner portal programs are specially designed software that makes channel partner management convenient and more successful. They help to increase return on investments (ROI) for the vendors as they make it easy to handle some of the otherwise most cumbersome tasks of channel management. For instance, with the help of partner portals you can communicate with 1000s of channel partner in a jiffy, saving you both time and money.

Partner portal are incorporated in vendors website, the access to which is granted to channel partners only. Vendors can update the partner portals on a regular basis and communicate to their partners about change in price or about any new policy or strategy decision. This way communication between vendors and channel partners become more open, transparent and convenient.

However, to make the partner portal programs more successful, vendors must follow the below listed guidelines. Implementing these strategies will help increase sales as well as revenues.

- Explain the Company Goals Clearly - All companies have their goals and mission statement, which help them achieve their business goals. Vendors, through their partner portals, must make these goals and objective be known to all channel partners.

- Create Proper Channel Procedures for Communication - Partner portals make it extremely easy to convey important message to channel portals. Besides, message can be sent instantaneously to thousands of channel partners in a cost effective manner. Erstwhile vendors used to send messages through telephone, fax, direct correspondence or through personal meeting. All these methods are time consuming and expensive.

- Goal Setting for Channel Partners - While informing channel partners about their mission, vendors should also let them know about their goals. This helps to keep channel partners on the right path from the beginning. Besides, it becomes easy to judge the performance of the channel partners.

- Gauging the Performance of Channel Partners - Partner portal programs make it convenient to gauge the performance of different channel partners. Vendors can easily analyze sales report generated through partner portals and judge the performance of the channel partners. Rewarding best performing channel partners can motivate others to do well.

Take Help of Channel Partner Management Services

If you feel partner portal programs can be helpful for your business as well, consider taking help of channel partner management services providers such as RelayWare. They will customize a partner portal program suitable for your channel management needs. Implementing the partner portal program will make channel partner management easy as well as cost effective for your company.

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Walt Robertson find partner portal programs extremely beneficial for channel partner management. He suggests vendors to take help of channel partner management services to find the most suitable software solution. To learn more about effective channel partner management strategies visit: Relayware, Inc