Hosting a party is a lot of work. You have to worry about music, food, games or activities and of course, a theme.

All of this can be overwhelming, but one thing that can really help pull a party together is having a theme. Below we've listed a few steps to putting together a theme that can help you plan the perfect party.

Find Your Theme in Inspiration

One of the best ways to identify a general theme for your party is to ask what your main inspiration for throwing the party is. Is this party a specific occasion like a birthday? Or is it an excuse to invite all your friends over for a good time?

Depending on the occasion you might already have a theme in mind, but if you don't you can look at other inspiration. For example, is there some movie you just love and want to base a party off of? Or perhaps you have a favorite sport or even a color or pattern. Recently no-clothes-clothes parties were the talk of the block when a neighbor invited the whole area to attend a party dressed in anything but clothes! There was even a competition for the best non-clothes outfit.

So, find something that inspires you, or the core reason behind the party (if there is one) to select a generalized theme.

Pick Your Colors and Patterns

While you might be thinking that choosing certain themes will limit your color or pattern options, but you would be wrong. Even the most traditional of party themes can be turned upside down by changing the traditional colors to un-traditional colors or using patterns that you wouldn't otherwise use. For example, Hollywood themed parties typically are either modern or vintage styled, but using grunge colors could give it an underground feel.

Don't Forget the Font

Maybe fonts don't seem like a big deal, but they can pull together the entire theme if you're using a lot of font at your party. For instance, a murder mystery party might have things labeled around the house, envelopes with text in them and of course paper invitations to invite the guests. Selecting fonts that works well together and with the theme of the party can add a ton of congruency to the feel of your party.

Food and Dessert

If there's been any central theme in this post, it's that everything you do with your theme should work to pull it together. This includes the food and dessert options at your party. Obviously hamburgers won't work well in a vintage European party, but would be amazing at an American baseball party. On the other hand, a hamburger cut into the shape of the Eiffel tower might work really well at your vintage European party. Don't be afraid to get creative with your food selection!

All of this might seem like a lot, but I promise that creating an amazing party really is as simple as identifying a theme and executing it to the best of your ability. Even better, you can get most of your party supplies online at a fraction of the cost. Trust me, follow these four principles and you'll be throwing an epic bash in no time!

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiats.