I’m always amazed when people think that they can hold on to energy. The best thing to do when it comes to energy is to pass the ball! Yes, pass the ball! It could be an air pass. Or bounce pass, as long as you understand the importance of passing. Basketball much like life is a team sport. The players are all involved and have to learn how to function as one. However, passing remains one of the most under-taught and under-utilized skills in both the game of basketball and in life.

Aside from the fact that many people are self-centered, self-absorbed pricks. We fail to understand the importance of passing. Passing is about sharing. It is about giving. It is about being grateful for our surpluses. But too many of us hog the ball. We think that passing is only something that we can do when we can’t clearly make the shot. We have to understand that in order to win in life. We have to work as one cohesive team. This is the power of community.

Unfortunately, throughout the years we have created a society that revolves around the individual. This kind of mind-set creates a “win” or “lose” situation, where one person prospers at the expense of another. This way of thinking creates huge disparity gaps and the “its not my problem” attitude. Sadly, with all of our technical advancements, we have yet to evolve passed this mentality. We have yet to understand that we are all interconnected and can function much better when we work as one.

The act of giving puts us into a higher vibrational state. It allows us to open our hearts and attract abundance into our lives. It is not just the act of giving, but the attitude of giving that puts us into the flow of receiving more. Giving is not just about money. You don’t have to give the shirt off your back. In fact, I suggest that you don’t do that. Giving is about sending others positive intentions. It is about praying not only for yourself, but for others as well. If you do have surpluses then it is important to give “only” to those who give back to the community.

Just look around you. Look at the most successful websites on the Internet. Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter, all foster a community of giving and sharing. People are tagging, posting, friending, liking, sharing, and commenting because they understand that they are an integral part of the game. Ultimately, they are the ones placing value on themselves and others. This value makes it possible for certain people, organizations, or businesses to rise to the top. So if you see something that inspires you, pass the ball. It is important to support others to ensure that they have a “clear shot” at making it towards the top. This way of thinking and acting results in a ‘win, win” situation, where everyone prospers.

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