Hunting is a tradition that is often handed down from father to son. As you take your son out to hunt for the first time, though, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer scope of what you need to teach him. Instead of trying to do everything at once, take the time to pick those aspects of hunting that are the most important and that will keep him safe. Below are four of those skills you should be sure to pass down.

Weapon Safety

Weapon safety is the number one skill to teach any new hunter. Every new hunter needs to know how to respect the power of his weapon and to take it seriously. This doesn’t mean that your son needs to be afraid of a gun or a bow, but rather that he needs to understand that it’s not a toy and that handling it is a responsibility. Make sure he knows how to hold it (particularly when it’s not in use), how to load and unload the ammunition, how to scope out what is around the target (like other people), how to handle a misfire, etc.

Reading the Woods

Reading the woods is an incredibly important skill for hunting. Your son needs to know how to tell where his prey congregate, what it means when the weather turns, and how to successfully pick a spot from which to shoot. This is old-school hunting knowledge, but it’s what really separates those who take hunting seriously from those who throw on camo for a weekend trip. The best way to instill this knowledge is to go on regular hunting trips together where your son can get a lay for the land and observe your habits and techniques.

Respect for Nature

Take some time to make sure that your son actually appreciates the natural world around him. Hunting might be a sport and the end goal might involve killing an animal, but great hunters really respect the world around them. Teach your son about the area in which you hunt—the animals, the history, and the people. The more respect he has, the more he’ll appreciate his chance to go out and be a part of the cycle of nature.

Maintenance and Care

Finally, make sure that you take some time to ensure that your son knows how to take care of his tools. This is a fantastic way not just to make sure that he stays safe while he’s out hunting, but that he learns how to respect the awesome power that he holds in his hands. Whether it’s learning how to sharpen a skinning knife or how to clean a gun, basic maintenance helps to bring a hunter closer to his tools.

Don’t be afraid to share your love of hunting with your son by venturing out to a blackbuck antelope hunting range. Make sure that he knows the basics, of course, but really make sure that he knows what makes hunting so important. If you can pass that down, you’ll ensure that a new generation of hunters will be there long after you’re gone.

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