In a world where everything is going digital, e-commerce is taking over rapidly. How digital marketing is done is the biggest question that arises in our minds. This person manages to make it easy for us to understand how paid marketing tools are used effectively and efficiently for leading brands in multiple industries and uplifting 25+ eCommerce businesses.

I would like to mention a well-known Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant, Mr. Asher Ali Mirza, who makes digital marketing more applicable and easy to understand.

If you wonder who this personality is or have ever failed to hear about him, I am all set to share some exciting details about this digital perfectionist. Asher Ali Mirza is a Pakistani digital marketing consultant and strategy specialist -who is highly passionate about creating your business a "brand." He uses paid marketing tactics and various branding techniques  to make your products and services known all over the targeted topography and the desired audience. 

The Story

Asher Mirza, since high school, has been highly fond of digital media and great content, which made him drop his medical school career and explore the hidden treasures of the digital world and become a leading Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant.

He is recognized for his professionalism and work, where he served local and international clients, turning them into leading brands. Asher Ali Mirza now runs a Digital Marketing Agency named 'Digital Melons.’

The Commitment

He commits to "Run Ads That Convert." What does he mean? Let me brief you. He has expertise in understanding consumer behavior which helps in meeting the target ROI percentage of 80%. That’s how he manages to achieve the business objectives. 

Mistakes bring power -said Asher Mirza.

The most exciting part of the coin, these strategies are a result of thousands of experiments and hundreds of mistakes. Yep, you read it just right. Asher told us a few memorable experiments and stated, Digital marketing is actually about respecting theories and breaking the rules at the same time. You can’t hit big if you don’t experiment -that’s where I learned the most. I strongly believe it is why my team and I turned dollars into 100s in terms of ROI. 

The Right Audience

Then comes the most non-negotiable part of advertising, i.e., Connecting with the right target audience, a group of people who are supposed to go through online ads and then persuade them to act (consume) upon them.

Engagement is an art.

Next comes, Paying to what matters; engagement or impressions, and lastly, Designing Ads in such a manner that they are user-friendly and handy so that they're well imprinted on the user's mind without fail. Asher and his team are mastered in the art of doing it just right.

Asher’s Motto

Asher Mirza has been praised for producing valuable content that freshens up the brains. So, follow his social platforms for more exciting and engaging feeds. His marketing strategies are focused on his motto, "Help others, Don't sell them. This positivity and attitude towards his work make him stand out. 

“People are assertive; they can connect or disconnect with your brand in seconds,” said Asher Ali Mirza. This phrase explains how crucially he makes decisions when designing and running an Ad. There is an option for the user, "I don't want to see this" once a user clicks it, your ads are trashy and waste. So he closely studied what type of person would like to see such an ad and who wouldn't.

It’s all about dedication.

To have a successful and remarkable brand identity, you must set specific targets. Any known Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant generates relatable, explicit, concise, and persuasive content. Mr. Asher's portfolio reflects what an ideal strategist is supposed to have in him. He looks into clients' business as his own. His practicality and realistic approach to marketing make him a brand anyone could dream of.

NFTs -The New Digital Addiction for Asher Ali Mirza

Asher said that he believes we are speedily heading towards a digital universe like Metaverse that will drastically change the economy and the business world. And we couldn’t agree more. He shared some insights on the NFT trend among famous personalities and how it will set a standard for social media personalities, celebrities, and networking freaks. 

Summing it up!

We need more empathetic and digitally sound personalities like him to step forward with technological advancements and create a healthy digital community. Are you looking for some promising results for your business? Then without a second thought, connect with him at

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