Find out how passion allows you to muster the forces of the universe to activate the Law of Attraction towards the fulfillment of your Dream, living your Life purpose or delivering your message.

Passion is a creative emotional force deeply connected to the human soul, to the Elemental Forces of nature and to our deep human needs and values. The power of passion is astounding. It can muster the forces of the universe towards its fulfillment. It can and has changed the course of history.

The Yin and Yang of Passion
As in everything in nature, there is a yin and yang, a Sacred Feminine or Shakti and a Sacred Masculine or Shiva in the movement of passion. You can see this as the Goddess and the God dancing in the halls of passion.

The Shiva aspect of passion is connected to fire and air. The Shakti aspect of passion is connected to the elements of water and earth.

Additionally, passion is an emotional force and emotions are electromagnetic. The electric aspect of emotion is a Shiva aspect that ignites, illuminates and mobilizes. The magnetic aspect of emotion is a Shakti aspect that magnetizes and germinates.

Let’s see how each element in nature brings a texture and style to your passion. See if you can recognize what type of passionistas you are or the unique blend of elements that is your passion signature.

Fire Passionistas
Passion linked to fire is the flame of emotions that fuels your being. It is generated when the passion of your Sexual Chakra blends with your causes or values and ignites in the Solar Plexus. Its source lies in deep-rooted beliefs or ideals that respond to the human passion for justice and freedom.

Fiery passion charges your drive like combustion, allowing you to persevere in your course of action. It is a blazing drive that ignites your imagination, emotions and will in an all-consuming impulse to burn the obstacles and cook the fruit of that belief or ideal. This is the passion that will lead you to fight against an injustice done to yourself or others.

Examples of Fire Passionistas are the fire fighters and Martin Luther King.

If the emotions fueled are love-based, this fire will allow you to become a leader, a trail-blazer, to accomplish things that seem impossible.

If the emotions fueled are fear-based, then this flame may become your inferno: a destructive obsession. It is the force behind terrorism and fanatism, torture and other forces that violate human rights inflamed by their deep-rooted fear-based beliefs.

The Air Passionistas
Passion linked to the air element is expansive and viral. It is generated in the upper chakras. Its source is the power of human dignity and value and the urge for peace, harmony and love. It becomes like the air we breathe: we need it and it nourishes our life.

If the emotions fueled are love-based, this passion nourishes your higher faculties and spiritual wisdom, allowing you to mobilize the global spirit of humanity. This great wind will create vast advances in record time, especially now that we have social media.

Examples of Air passionistas are Gandhi and Mother Theresa.
If the emotions fueled by an airy passion are fear-based, it creates dependency and fear of loss, like fear of not having air to breath. This terrorizing wind can become a tornado of public fear, hatred, ignorance, dogmatism and war.

The Water Passionistas
Passion linked to the water element is electromagnetic and its source is desire and the need for creative self-expression, like a love passion that sweeps you off your feet or a desire to deliver your life purpose that sweeps you out of your Comfort Zone into inspired action.

This passion magnetizes resources and allies to you. It sweeps you towards its manifestation, washing away all obstacles and resistance. You can go without food for days, but you can’t go without water. In the same way, the object of this passion will not be denied because it needs to create, fertilize or blossom.

If the emotions generated are love-based, this wave of passion magnetizes all that come in contact with your passion. It becomes a giant wave that cleanses the past and all obstacles and ushers in a cornucopia of abundance. It blossoms in the human heart and imagination and motivates collaboration and creation.

This is the case of the Law of Attraction movement. It began like a wave of inspiration in the hearts of hundreds of spiritual teachers, coaches and authors, who communicated it to thousands upon thousands of people. This magnetized the desires of a woman called Rhonda Byrne, who gathered those Law of Attraction experts to tell the story in her movie The Secret. This act took the movement into a peak wave that washed into the hearts of millions of people and made the Law of Attraction part of our human consciousness.

Other examples of water passionistas are Lady Gaga, Maya Angelou and the Abrahams-Hicks phenomena.

If the emotions generated are fear-based, it can invade all corners of your environment with fear, creating chaos, conflict, fragmentation and the clash of opposing parties.

Earthy Passionistas
Passion linked to the earth element is gravitational and rooted and its source is either physical —like survival needs— or from the BodySoul, a physical urging of the soul. Famine or unemployment can generate this earthy passion that seeks the fulfillment of basic needs. At a higher level, it can be the longing of the soul that urges you towards rooting your Dream in your life.

This passion seeks to manifest something physical in your life: money, food, employment or the embodiment of your purpose. It gravitates from the emotions, needs and sensations of your body or BodySoul as a gravitational pull to ground this need in physical reality.

If the emotions generated are love-based, this gravitational pool becomes the spiral of change that generates growth, transformation, innovation and renewal. It’s like clay shapeshifting into what is needed or animals adapting to the environmental changes around them.
This gravitational energy pulls people with similar needs together, creating like-hearted communities that or achieving the 100th monkey effect.

Examples of the Earth Passionistas are the Occupy Movement and Ophra Winfrey.

If the emotions generated by the earth-inspired passion are fear-based, it can lead to a general state of panic that then leads to massive violence, take-overs, riots, revolutions and other desperate acts to meet the human needs of the community pulled into that gravitational axis.

When Passion does not work for you
Passion can, however, be a passing wave of rising emotions. If it is not fed or valued, passion can dissolve. If it finds that the object of its desire or goals is undeserving, passion dies. If it was founded on impulse or attachment, once it peaks, it diminishes.

A lasting passion needs devotion and this only comes from deep within the Soul. Therefore, a lasting passion that generates lasting change needs to be rooted in values or Dreams (with capital D) that are dear to your Soul.

Unexamined, impulsive passion is not your ally. You need to examine both the nature and object of your passion before you engage others in it because if it is not worthy of your devotion, you will rouse others and then disappoint them, causing more harm than good.

Also, if the passion is personal —as the passion you may feel for a love prospect; but the object of this passion is not worthy or the passion itself is not congruent to your values or who you are—let’s say that you are happily married— you can channel the force of this passion into something worthy that you care about. You can use it to write a masterpiece or promote peace. You can channel this passion because YOU are the true source. The other person is just the catalyst. Understanding this can help you avoid heart-breaking mistakes.

As you can see, emotions and passion are the force that moves the world. They are the power used by successful leaders and world-changers. They are the force behind the public figures whose message grabs the people’s heart and move them to action.

Colored by love or fear, passion can generate massive change both for good or evil.

Through the wise channeling of your passion you can muster the forces of the universe to manifest your Dream, embody your purpose and reach millions of people with your message.

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Maria Mar is a sacred storyteller, author and shaman who ignites in women the passion to step into their greatness, embody their purpose and share their gifts with the world. For a transformational experience of the power of emotions and passion, don’t miss Maria's teleseminar: Activate the Magic of Emotions and the Power of Passion to Manifest your Dreams at