You know that you have a gift to share. Something that, if expressed fully, would make a powerful difference in the lives of others while leaving you deeply fulfilled. Maybe you know exactly what that gift is, or maybe it is still a gentle stirring that you feel in your heart. In either case, it is up to you to fan the flames of inspiration, declare your offering to the world and ensure that your gift is received. So, where to begin?

When I am working with Holistic Practitioners to grow their businesses, I always start by asking 3 critical questions

* Who do you want to serve?
* What is the impact that you want to have on their lives?
* What is the unique way that you will deliver on your promise to them?

But the answers to these questions are not only the foundation of a strong marketing message, they are the portal to your unique passion and purpose. The truth is, you don't just want to help others. You want to help teenagers achieve greater confidence in themselves. Or perhaps your want to support families as they work through difficult transitions. When in doubt, take a look in the mirror. Ask yourself, "What has been the central struggle of my life"? Your conscious attention to this challenge throughout your own life experience has been not only the catalyst for personal growth but has given you the tools and understanding to lead others to their own freedom and joy.

Somewhere during this exploration for your purpose and passion your will receive divine inspiration. That quintessential 'A ha!' moment when you become clear and simultaneously motivated to go do something great! And while there are always wonderful opportunities for getting involved and contributing, how do you connect with those exact people you are now so set on serving?

Well, the truth of the matter is, this can be a process. Even though you are literally giving a gift; that does not mean that the recipient is aware of it or ready to receive it. The trick is to remain committed to your vision and to the individuals you want to serve even if that means being patient. But patience does not have to mean sitting around and waiting, we all know that the universe loves inspired action and here are some ideas for getting started.

Let's say that you want to serve families in transition by improving their communication through fun team building exercises. Here are some ways to get in front of families and demonstrate your value:

1. Speak at a local school or parenting group
2. Begin compiling resources and posting them to parent discussion boards
3. Offer a workshop through your church
4. Sponsor family related events or attend them and hand out flyers
5. Create a 'Family Team Building' Meetup or discussion group

Your goal is to build familiarity and trust with the community you want to serve as well as to educate them on how you can help. You may not be charging for your service but you are still asking them to take action and that requires motivation on their part. Think about how many opportunities you don't take in a given week. We receive and ignore messages all day every day but if we are lucky, our greatest teachers will make sure that we still find them.

Putting your passion and purpose into practice is an opportunity to face resistance, heal old wounds and ultimately to live fully. Oliver Wendell Holmes once said "Many people die with their music still in them". Don't spend another moment 'getting ready to live'; now is the time to find your gift and share it with the world.

Author's Bio: 

Marilyn O'Leary, also known as The Business Healer, is a Marketing and Business Development Consultant for Holistic Practitioners and the Director of The Holistic Practitioners Business Association. Visit to discover the 6 Steps to a Full and Thriving Holistic Practice