Take your passport and visa photos online and keep them compared to a traditional photo booth. How? you must go to PassportPhotoNow.Co.UK and take a passport photo online UK. Just take a photo with your mobile phone and send it to them for processing, validation, and printing.

For every order, PassportPhotoNow.Co.Uk provides passport, visa, ID, driver's license photos (useful on social networks, various profiles, resume, and for certain administrative procedures). Curious what passport photos look like with our solution? View an example of 6 passport photos taken with PassportPhotoNow.

PassportPhotoNow charges less than £6 for the set of approved professionally printed passport photos in the UK within 2-4 working days.

PassportPhotoNow is easy to use and easy to use. So make sure you have a good quality image before you start.

To be successful and validated by the authorities, your passport photo must be clean, recent, without folds, and without traces.

So when you take the photo, you need to pay attention to your exposure (you need light on your face, no shadow: neither on your face or on your back), the background of the image should be solid and light in color (light blue, light gray).

To be successful and validated by the authorities, your visa photo must be clear, recent (less than 6 months), without any creases and marks.

The white background is prohibited. The requirements for a successful passport photo are summarized on the next page.

You can take over the mobile phone and send it to us for processing, validation, and printing.

PassportPhotoNow doesn't like to be vague in our explanation. To help you understand what authorities expect from a passport photo, here are some examples of successful photos.

Now that you have it all figured out, getting your passport and visa photos successful is a breeze.

If you need a passport photo, receive a response if your photo meets the passport photo standards. If you incorrectly resized your image to the model, PassportPhotoNow will easily correct it. If an image is not accepted from our point of view, we will notify you.

What happens if the ordered image does not fit? Don't worry, you can just exchange it. PassportPhotoNow then re-examines whether the image meets the requirements. With them so far, every customer has been able to take their photos for passport, visa, ID, and driver's license.

PassportPhotoNow examines every image of every order? No: much more! PassportPhotoNow wants you to be satisfied with your new passport photos.

For this reason, every image is post-processed by them. PassportPhotoNow adjusts contrast and brightness, corrects color distortions, and "lengthens" the background of the image if something is missing.

You can take passport photos online. All you have to do is take a photo with a mobile device and then send it to us. We process, validate, and print your passport photos.

For less than £6.00, you get six professionally printed, approved, and validated visa and passport photos in a specific format. They will appear in your mailbox within a few days of ordering.

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At passportphotonow.co.uk, our ID & Visa Photo experts can produce Guernsey visa photos that match requirements.