Folder Protect is an advance user-centered and policy driven access control tool. Just imagine a world where you never have to worry about lost, stolen, or corrupted data. Folder Protect makes that world a reality.

From preventing your documents from being accidentally deleted by your siblings; to safeguarding your company’s data and information from negative elements; or protecting your files against malware - all these are real life scenarios and the main cause of worry in an organization or a PC user in general.

Folder Protect is designed with you – the user - in mind. It is a user-centered, policy-driven access control and password protection shareware application to meet your everyday data and information protection needs. The application is a highly customizable way of securing your data by protecting your folders and files with passwords. Protection of folders, files, drives, and programs is versatile and includes customized folder locking, file locking, drive locking, and program access locking, the application prevents tampering, it is delete-proof, provides effortless security.

The user –friendly interface and wizard based data protection steps enable you to maximize protection of your files by setting parameters that eventually create invisible boundaries around your protected items, while allowing you to retain complete control of setting application behavior in case of wrongful access.

Data protection with Folder Protect is easy and comes with some amazing features including support for all popular file extensions, user-friendly interface, automatic folder protection, and supports all Windows OS variants including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 Server, and Windows 2003 Server.

Folder Protect offers you advance folder protection and file protection by blocking access to unauthorized access to your files, folders, drives and programs. It prevents your data from being accessed, misused, moved, altered or deleted. All of your protected items can be seen by others but remain inaccessible without your password. An additional security feature in Folder Protect is that you can hide all of your personal as well as professional documents and information including your family photos, financial records, personal letters, passwords, company’s projects, source codes, and other intellectual property in such a way that no one will ever know that they exist. Only you have access to your hidden and passwords protect folders and files. Simply access them by typing the exact path in Windows Explorer, in the RUN command, or by using the DOS command.

Your protected files, folders, drives, and programs are restricted to anyone wishing to modify these items. Folder Protect is developed in a way that fulfills all of your folder protection and file security needs and requirements.

Folder Protect helps you mitigate Data Loss and data theft incidents by protecting your data from deletion, making your protected folders delete-proof.

With Folder Protect, all your protected data remain inaccessible to unauthorized users and devices and always protected.

Folder Protect is a product of NewSoftwares Inc., a Beaverton based corporation.
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Author's Bio: 

Cara W Morris is the Marketing Manager at NewSoftwares Inc., a Beaverton based data protection and Information Security Company that provides security software to password protect folders and drives.