Past life regression, a scientific pedagogy, to tap one’s subconscious with the help of hypnotherapy to access memories from people’s past, be it of this life or past lives, is really effective in finding answers for the stances, situations, emotional blocks of mental patterns, that no other scope of medication can sort. There are certain physical or psychological ailments one can identify with, which are otherwise un-explainable. Also, there are certain patterns that we experience in our relationships, which affect us deeply, apparently for no logical reason. Finding its roots, in the supreme Buddhist law, that life is continuous, and death, rebirth and renewal are cyclic, and one’s karma affects and determines the journey of the soul in the next lifetime, past live regression, also known as PLR has the belief of reincarnation as its foundation.

How it functions is fairly systematic. This unique theory states that the root for, or home for every soul is’ the universal consciousness’ or ‘the supreme power’, or what one thinks it is. Once the soul delineates from its universal core form, it takes a on a physical form in the body, so that it could learn its lessons along the way and the merge in its core again. During this activity, the soul moves along and meets other souls, who are also in a journey, learning what they have to in the form of experiences they create. This interaction of a soul with the other souls is what we call (karma), action. This act of creating karma is a web that entangles a soul into the consequences of its actions, by bringing it back to encounter the same souls at different times, again and again. This also obviously means that the soul will have to take physical form repeatedly.

This pattern is cyclic and unending in nature, aimed at creating learning, making realization and raising confusion. The only way a soul comes to rest in a physical form is, when it realizes that this cycle in endless, and it would have to break away from it completely for it to be released. For that is the only way to merge into the universe, without getting caught up again. Just like a student evolves and receives more specific, specialized knowledge at every level of his/her education, a soul is more enlightened at every stature of its being. In the process, if we are able to access a soul’s past life, in the hypnotic trance through past life regression helping him recall the even in its most graphic detail and then sorting the emotional guilt that one attached with that soul then. This method of past life therapy is useful in obtaining accurate details regarding the individual’s past life, which can even be verified.

There are several ways that can successfully regress one into a past life:

• By the use of hypnotism

• By meditative trance state

• By the use of acupuncture therapy

Past life regression is an excellent solution for those looking for a deep, spiritual reason for their ailments or problems in life. For example, someone with a bad knee pain which cannot be medically explained or cured, might seek answers via the past life regression process. Similarly, psychological ailments such as unexplained fears, phobias and mental blocks towards certain things in life, have their roots dug deep in one’s past life. To cite another example, a person who in this life has no logical or scientific reason for claustrophobia, may find answers which link back to a trauma from a particular past life. Often, the reasons can be traced back to a past life experience. The best is the simple cure that follows, for by merely accepting the wrong that one did in that lifetime, one can let go, forgive and thus cure in the present lifetime. Forgiveness can be sought or given (whichever is applicable) and the pain begins to dissipate, leading to a cure. So if it intrigues you, then it is your calling. Walk inside to find the real cure!

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