Have you ever observed two siblings who have completely different personalities? You wonder how it can be possible that they react so differently to things, when they grew up in the same environment with the same parents, right?

Let’s take a bigger picture spiritual view of whom these children are. They are souls who have had many experiences before this current lifetime. They have come in to this life with certain traits and tendencies that they brought with them from their previous experiences here on Planet Earth. This includes both positive strengths, and not-so-positive blocks or fears. They will react to circumstances based on these inner traits that they brought with them.

If you are experiencing a stuck place or fear right now, there are two places this block originated. You either picked it up from someone in your environment in your first 7 years of life, or you brought it with you from a past lifetime. Either way, the block can be strong and take time to heal and shift. What I’ve noticed through working with hundreds of clients, is that if your block originated in the first 7 years, it shows up as programming and limiting beliefs. If the block originated from a past life, it shows up as an internal feeling or reaction that seems irrational.

Most of us can’t remember our past lives very well, so if you are reacting to a fear that is inside you from being burned at the stake in 1526 – an experience that you can’t remember – of course it seems irrational to react the way you do! If you don’t uncover these internal fears and shift them, you will be controlled by them. It is very hard to move forward with your goals when you are constantly being held hostage by a subconscious fear.

So how can you move past these blocks when you don’t even know where they came from? Well, the solution is to uncover your past life story.

Now, I don’t mean that you need to go back and find out everything that ever happened to you in your previous lifetimes. I know for many of you, it’s hard to even believe that past lives exist, let alone learn about 10 past life stories. You just need to uncover the circumstances that led to the irrational fears you are experiencing now.

I always tell my clients, let go of the fascination factor when learning about your past lifetimes! It doesn’t matter if you were Cleopatra, Joan of Arc or Queen Elizabeth. What matters is learning where the pattern came from that is holding you back now, so you can see it for what it is, and then let it go. It’s hard to release a block when you don’t even know what it is.

One client I worked with in the past uncovered why she has always feared the water; because she drowned in a previous life. Another client learned why she would keep failing in relationships; because she had several past lifetimes in which she was forced to settle for an arranged marriage. In the present she held on to the belief that she had to settle in a relationship, instead of finding the partner she truly loved.

Another client learned why she had money issues; because in a past life she was the gatekeeper to a vault of gold and riches and learned she had to hoard and protect money at all costs.

It can be incredibly eye opening and healing to learn more about the experiences that have shaped the person you are today.

Here are 5 steps you can take to release your blocks from past lifetimes:

1. Be sure to be relaxed, cleansed and in touch with your team of spiritual helpers/angels. If you don’t know how to do this, check out the How to Communicate With your Angels e-book and learn how.

2. Identify the main emotion/pattern that has been affecting you in the present. It could be things such as:

afraid of getting too close to people
never quite reaching your goals
always feeling like you don’t have enough money
afraid of being alone.. etc! (Really anything =)
3. Check with your guidance if this fear came from your first 7 years, or from a past lifetime. If it came from the first 7 years, seek out a Blockage Discovery Profile from an ALC Certified Consultant.

If the block came from a past lifetime, go on to step 4.

4. Meditate with your guidance. Ask them, “What is the past life experience that relates to this emotion I’ve been experiencing?” Go with what happens. You might see images, hear words, or get feelings. Write down what you experienced.

5. Release this old story by choosing what you will replace it with. Choose a new positive solution.

Please post in the comments below, what you learned from your past life discovery!

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