Before you were born you signed a contract – with yourself! What unfinished business was left lying around from a past life? Whom did you have problematic relationships with? Let me tell you this… Much of what you’re going through now is a direct result of what was accomplished, or left undone, in a past life. In a past life things left undone, even issues with certain people, present to you opportunities to grow more fully from encountering these things, or people, in the present life. Reincarnation affords you a chance to complete unfinished business.

The relationships we are in help us to complete, or add to, our karmic lessons. Everyone we become involved with, our siblings, parents, friends and lovers add to our karma. Throughout all our lives we surround ourselves with those who have similar likes and dislikes. We understand what we need to learn as a soul and surround ourselves with others who have the same type of goals and those who will best enable us to reach them. Also, those who we surround ourselves with will be of a similar level of spiritual growth. Michael Newton, author of Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls uses this analogy… Simplified, we travel in soul group clusters. If you could imagine a cluster of grapes as all the levels of creation, you would find yourself in one of the grapes. Your co-grape inhabitants would be others in your circle – your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. Also in your grape you would find those who have similar likes and dislikes, those who are working on comparable soul lessons, and even those who have location and/or nationality similarities.

Let’s use, for example, a lover or spouse as our main focus. Someone who we feel a deep affinity to is surely someone who is from at least one of our past lives and is also in our soul group cluster. Those deep feelings can be positive or negative and can vary between the two broad spectrums. Reliving a relationship, repeatedly joining in successive lives, allows those involved to master the issues faced between them. If a relationship happens to be a volatile one, why in the world would you want to put yourselves through this time and time again? The answer is simple; you both have karmic lessons to fulfill. Your involvement with each other would best serve both your purposes.

You may find yourself repeatedly being drawn to the wrong person over and over again. What hold does that person have over you? It seems as if you can’t release yourself from him or her even when you know they are detrimental to you. What is the magnetism that causes you to seemingly, completely without self-control, sabotage yourself by continuing a relationship with them? Can you blame this on your karma, saying that you’re doomed to repeat one failed relationship after another? Or do you happen to blame your damaging relationship upon an internal weakness, much like the drug addict who can’t avoid returning time and time again to the drug they know will ultimately cause their demise?

In the event of a karmic bond between you and another, there are a host of reasons why one would repeatedly return. A few more significant reasons may be:

* You continue to fulfill each other’s soul needs as a mate.
* You have unfinished lessons together.

In the following scenario both parties are seeking growth. Each person needs the characteristics that the other has to fulfill a karmic lesson, which will help in their spiritual growth.

“Bill” has a violent past. His father repeatedly bullied and slapped his mother for what he considered her shortcomings. Bill’s mother was meek and mild, accepting her lot in life thinking she wasn’t worthy of respect.

Bill goes on to form a relationship with his mate and believes “Jill” needs his guidance. Jill is self-assured, has a solid career and is well respected in her field. The two begin a relationship and slowly Jill, who lovingly acquiesces to the wishes of Bill, looses her equality in the relationship. When Jill attempts to assert her individuality, Bill proves to her that she is wrong and perpetuates the violence learned in his childhood. Jill then leaves Bill knowing that he is dangerous but, over time, she tends to forget Bill’s bad qualities in favor of his often-charming demeanor. Jill returns to Bill, and the play begins again.Granted, this is stereotyping of characters, but the scenario is one that everyone can easily understand.

In the above case, Bill’s karmic lesson is to not carry on the lessons learned from his parents and to stop the violence. One of the karmic lessons that Jill has to learn is obviously to have pride in herself and her accomplishments. She must also learn to continue to be the strong, self-assured woman knowing that someone will love her for who she is – without change.

Bill and Jill continue to incarnate with each other because they both have lessons to learn. They feel that the other could help them to fulfill their karmic goals for the lifetime. Even if Bill and Jill repeatedly fail in the lesson, in each successive life they progress together on their spiritual paths and move toward the realization of these important karmic lessons. Whether Bill and Jill continue on together once in a lifetime or if they repeatedly break up and get back together in one lifetime, they are each seeking in the other the lesson, which could be fulfilled.

Many of us know a Bill and Jill. And even more of us question their reason for repeatedly putting themselves in these negative situations. Is their fortitude weak? I don’t believe so. It’s obvious they continue to relive a scenario until they finally break up for good or until they are able to live with each other without causing bodily harm.

It’s pretty simple really. We have all had people who came into our lives, made a huge impact, then left. We have simply used each other for the lessons we needed, which moved us forward in our own personal spiritual growth. Your karmic relationship may have been less harmful than what Bill and Jill have had to endure, but as all karmic lessons must be completed, we will continue to be presented with the same lesson time and again, until it is fully accomplished. Do you continue to return to your ex? Or do you fall into this trap… Same scenario, different face?

Realize that regardless of whom it is that helps you to complete your karmic lessons, only you have the ability to direct a change. Taking a deeper look at your motives should be your first step. Are you perpetuating a bad habit by returning to an old flame? Or, do you believe you are nothing thus returning to them out of habit? Yes, prior to birth you may have written in your contract certain lessons. But, that doesn’t mean you must always follow the same road.

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Intuitively gifted since childhood, I have learned how to use my spritual gifts for the benefit of others in need. Counseling through written sermons, articles, in a congregation or privately, my goal is to help others realize their divine connection to God.

As a Spiritualist Minister, Non-Denominational Christian Minister, Psychic Medium, and Spirit Channel, I serve clients and groups through the use of mediumship.
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