Have you heard the one about the man who had a patch stitched into his tongue so he could eat less food?

I’m afraid to say there is no punch line and it’s not even a joke, it’s true.

Some people are so stupid.

They would rather opt for crazy surgery than do so basic things right.

The procedure involves a tongue patch being SEWN onto your tongue to make eating and swallowing so painful that people with it will only be able to eat liquid foods.

People with the tongue patch are then given an 800 calorie a day liquid nutrition programme to follow.

The patch is the size of a postage stamp made out of a material called marlex (which is used to repair hernias), and is sewn to the tongue with 6 stitches.

Other than the idea being absolutely ridiculous in my opinion, other side effects include difficulty in speaking and sleeping.

This unnatural procedure can cost around $2000. The tongue patch can only be worn for a month though as if left any longer it will fuse to the tongue!

My friend who told me about this, John O’Connell from Ireland (google him), said they might as well sew their bloody mouths up and be done with it!

It’s treating the symptom and not the cause.

It’s all based on forcing people to consume less calories to lose weight. I think this is completely the wrong way to go.

This kind of stuff makes me frustrated.

This kind of idea sums up our (lazy ass) society that people would rather do something stupid like this(or any other crazy and stupid weight loss method you want to pick) than put a bit of work in and LEARN how to eat well and exercise well.

When will people learn it’s a way of life not a temporary change?

SOLUTION: Try eating more quality meats, and vegetables, good fats and some fruits, and notice the big difference in your health, energy as well as probably your waistline.

Food Is Not the Enemy Junk Food Is

Food is one of the many pleasures in life.

Some people say they “love their food”.

Someone said to me the other day “Rich, I really want to start training with you but I can’t starve myself with all that detoxing nonsense, I love my food”.

I replied “that’s ok then, let’s get cracking, because my nutrition plan involves eating more and not starving yourself”.

He looked confused.

But people who say that don’t really love their food, they should probably say they “love their junk food”.

Real foodies love ingredients and good recipes, nice restaurants/cafe’s, and not necessarily expensive but definitely not cheap crap.

Eat More Not Less

Eating more rather than less to lose weight is a difficult thing to get your head around.

In the past, I would have laughed at such an idea, I used to focus on calories in vs calories out, sticking by the mantra of “creating a deficit“, and I believed(was taught) this is how people lose or gain weight (unfortunately we now know this not to be the full story).

Although this is still an important aspect I prefer to focus on what we are putting into our body rather than how many calories.

Low Calorie Diets and/or Low Fat Diets

Low calorie diets are destined for failure and the people doing them are doomed from the start.

If its a quick fix for the scales you want then it will give you that. But you won't look any better in your bikini on your holiday, especially the men!

For most logically minded people trying their best to lose a few pounds the obvious thing for them to do is dramatically cut their food intake and maybe start exercising.

This works for WEIGHT LOSS for a while, until you hit a point.

When maybe you can’t keep up the new regime and you cave in and go back to how you were.

Also low calorie diets are a sure fire way to become sick and pick up illnesses. Your immune system(whole system) takes a hammering and immunity is lowered. Remember this is why you don’t diet without detoxing first.

What people forget is how much the body needs good food and nutrition in order to function properly.

Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals all have absolutely vital functions in determining how the body works, AND HOW YOU FEEL.

(Side note about feelings: How you feel is the most important thing in life. and if food MASSIVELY affects this, its the best place to start if your feeling down, grumpy or lacking in energy or just not feeling right)

?Did You Know? The additives and preservatives in food have been referred to as “the grumpys” as they make you feel grumpy. Research has also proven a strong link between behavioral problems in children and their nutrition.

Junk food makes you feel like….junk!

Low calorie and low fat diets are proven to lead to low hormone levels. Fats are the building materials for your hormones after all, so if you don’t eat the building materials (fats), you cant make the end product (hormones).

This will also add to you feeling pretty rotten. Feelings.

Low calorie diets are also very catabolic (means breakdown), this means the body is using your muscles to provide fuel and materials the body needs.

In effect, the body starts to eat itself. Good you may think at first!

But im afraid to say your much needed muscles are first to go, and the stubborn body fat is last.

Soon you could end up SKINNY FAT. Lighter but fatter, not what you really want.

Your body is a clever thing and will respond to long term low calorie method and instinctively slows your metabolism.

This happens because your body is preparing itself and actually protecting its fat resources for survival.

Short periods of low calories or starvation, or fasting as it is called, can be great for weight loss, I use it myself with my clients. It’s very structured and we only do it for 18hrs maximum and for 3-4 days in a row, then we have to add other foods(good fats) to our diet or it can lead to problems.

However the unstructured and ad hock way many people do this is not effective in the long term.

Skinny Fat

As mentioned, you can become “skinny fat” when you are lighter but fatter, as a result of muscle loss not fat loss, this is the typical result people on a low calorie diet for a long time will get.

Not eating a lot means your inadequately fuelled body will drop muscle rather than fat which gives you a terrible body shape and your health will suffer as a consequence.

It won’t leave you with a whole new look, and potentially could lead to more problems.

If you feel hungry then eat. Just eat something decent, nutritionally dense.

Don’t worry too much about portion size as long as the food is good. If you eat fish and vegetables then you will struggle to consume so many calories that you gain any weight.

Sorry couldn’t resist.

If people are willing to yoyo diet and go from one extreme diet (which are hard to follow and take lots of effort) to the next then why not try eating a lot of good quality foods for a few weeks and see how this works?

Hopefully you will be able to find something you can stick to rather than another fad diet.

There is no shortage of delicious recipes and ideas.

I’ve preached time and time again that the right food is like medicine, eat well and you will feel well. Give it a go and prepare for some great results.

Thanks for reading, take care


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