A common narcissistic personality disorder trait is pathological lying. The narcissist presents to the world the creation of his false self. This false self is based on the image of who the narcissist would like to be rather than how he really feels about himself at a deep inner level.

As a result, the narcissistic personality disorder trait of outrageous and vindictive lying is a faux shop front regarding the narcissist’ssupposed accomplishments and achievements, as well as to defendif his or her false image is threatened,or attack when sufficiently angered.

The narcissistic personality disorder trait of compulsive and pathological lying means that the narcissist will not be responsible or accountable for questionable actions. This narcissistic personality disorder trait can be used as projection, which means falsely accusing others of the narcissist’s crimes. It can also be used to create third parties as false allies, or as a smear campaign. When applied vengefully, the narcissist is capable of pathological lying to severely damage other people’s wellbeing and reputation.

Justifications are another way the narcissistic personality disorder trait of pathological lying is applied. The narcissist will expertly fabricate information to exempt themself from accountability, or to create excuses as to why they behaved inappropriately.

The narcissistic personality disorder trait of pathological lying is very disturbing. When the narcissist is playing out this narcissistic personality disorder trait it can easily catch people off guard – as it can be hard to detect. The narcissist resides emotionally and mentally in his or her false world, and often the narcissist cannot distinguish between fiction and fantasy. Therefore, when confronted with this narcissistic personality disorder trait, you may believe the narcissist is genuine, yet feel that something is not right, or you may know the narcissist doesn’t have the facts straight, but get so turned and twisted by the lies you feel like you are losing your mind.

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