Thinking about the good days, love all around you, a stable and happy relationship, feeling sad that the nice dream ended in a break up? Not to worry, even though you may think you lost your lover forever, getting your ex back is quite simple. Almost everyone is interested in giving another chance to a former good relationship. If you find yourself in this situation, and want to get back together with your ex-lover follow the 4 steps detailed below.

1. Be Patient.

First of all remember that patience is virtue. Don’t be hasty and try not to rush anything, just play it cool and simple with small comments whenever you meet with your ex. By small comments it means really simple things like saying hello or even waving.  An important fact, when you encounter your ex, you should maintain eye contact with him or her, just to let them know you’re really talking with them and not someone else .This eye contact also makes you look like a confident and responsible person and that would be a plus in your quest for regaining your ex back, but don’t overstep din boundary, don’t let it go much further than this.

2. Be Mysterious

Second step in your plan to get your ex back will be to try slowly implementing conversation again, making an attempt to talk to them when you can. Keep in mind that it should only be small talk, a brief and basic conversation, nothing fancy. Your goal is to give yourself a sort of mystery, don’t give much details about you, don’t reveal too much. Why would you do this? Because mystery is in fact quite endearing and this would boost you away closer to getting back together.

Let’s take for example you encounter your ex at a party and start chatting. If your friends happen to come into room, you should stop the conversation with your ex and focus you attention on your friends. That doesn’t mean that you should run to them, or leave your ex talking to him or herself. By focusing your attention to another person or your group of friends, you will let your ex know that they are not your highest priority right now, even though the communication between the two of you is nice, that you are emotionally stable, and you’re a completely confident and well balanced person (probably the same you that she or he fell in love with).

3. Be well-groomed

Your appearance should be impeccable. Does anyone want a person who looks needy, desperate, who doesn’t care about his appearance, who looks miserable?  Make sure that you look good, smell good, and be in perfect shape both mentally and physically because maintaining your good looks will show confidence and respect for your appearance.

4. Don’t be afraid

Have confidence in you, act casual, make a few honest compliments when talking to your ex, and try to be as natural as you can possibly be. Try to make your ex happy beside you, make sure that every time your ex lover is around you, he or she feels good. Talk about the good times that you spent together, bringing up only good memories from the past. Help them to remember some of the highlights from the former days of your relationship; try to be the person that your ex fell in love with. 

Become your ex’s friend and try to convince them that they should have you back, and that the break up was only a unfortunate event that never should have happened. In little time they will feel more comfortable with you and, if they want you back, they will eventually let you know. Try to determine your ex to come to you and instead of you begging for your ex to come back keep it simple and cool, and you will surely get your ex love back in no time.

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