In order for business success to be achieved by you or anybody else it will require your patience and a willingness to invest the time and effort. Perhaps the most frustrating part of your journey as you build your business will be those times when it appears that little or no progress is being made. During times like these, and there will be many, you will need to possess the perseverance to continue on while ignoring the temptation to simply give up. Building anything worthwhile is always going to be more a process in which you as an individual will also need to evolve. This process will test your patience but if you do stick with it the end results usually always make it worth the while!

Here are 3 stages through which you will need pass as you build your business and your awareness of them beforehand will help for you maintain your resolve!

Perfecting Your Efforts

Anything and I mean anything you enter into without prior knowledge of or experience in will present a learning curve that you can not avoid! New skills will need to be learned and perfected over time and this will require practice and/or repetition. This is a normal process to be expected as you build your business so maintain your patience knowing that the rewards will be well worth your efforts!

Realization Efforts Are Cumulative

Not all your efforts will yield results that are significant or even noticeable. It is important to realize and remember that one effort does not yield great results but instead it is a culmination of your efforts that produce the results you seek! For many it may be a frustrating experience not receiving the 'instant gratification' they are looking for from each effort. This is where your patience will be tested time and again as you build your business but remember it is a process not a one time event!

Maintaining Your Efforts

As mentioned above you are involved in a process that takes time and a consistent investment of a 'quality' effort! On the other hand the only way you can expect to experience any type of success is by maintaining the perseverance needed to reach your goals. This is the single biggest reason many are not as successful as others simply because they give up too easily! If you do not give up or lose your patience you will most likely achieve what it is you set out to do in the first place!

For business success to be achieved by you or anybody else your patience will be required since there is no such thing as overnight 'successes' except in the case of lottery winners! Another thing to realize is that not every effort will yield measurable results! Knowing this ahead of time will help minimize your frustrations and giving you the perseverance to continue your efforts to build your business. The roadside is littered by the many who gave up on their dreams not knowing that their previous efforts were about to culminate into the success they were seeking. By being aware of the 3 stages through which you need to pass when you build your business as reviewed above, you lessen the chances of giving up just short of reaching your goals!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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