The frequency of getting injured is on the rise; the cause could be just about anything. And being extra careful also doesn’t always help. It is possible that the injury is minor and will heal on its own, but there is also a possibility that the injury could require extensive medical intervention. Given this scenario, one has to be well-prepared for absolutely any eventuality, psychologically and financially.

If you face an injury that has affected your knee and the doctor advises a knee replacement surgery, you should be aware of what it entails. This is generally prescribed when the joints of your knees have been affected and to carry it out you will need to get the services of a reputed knee surgeon.

What Is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Total Knee Arthroplasty is not a very painful or complicated surgery, but it is certainly specialised. This surgery could be required when you suffer from pain in the knee joints. This pain could result from an accident or even a medical issue. This surgery is not advisable for children.

The surgery involves the introduction of artificial machinery to facilitate the normal functioning of the knee joint instead of the original bone and injured cartilage. With an expert at work, you should be done with it in a single day, unless the damage is extensive. You could even be walking in a few days.

Finding a Knee Surgeon

The medical facilities in India are pretty good and if you are staying in a metro or a large city, it should not be a problem. If you stay in a small town, you might need to travel to get the surgery done, especially if you want the best knee replacement hospital in India for your treatment.

Selecting the Caregiver

Given that there are plenty of knee surgeons in the country, it could get overwhelming to decide who you should approach. If you keep the following factors in mind, your search will become easier.

Good Reputation

Researching online will give you the list of specialists in the field as well as details about their work. You can learn about their reputation and filter out the ones who do not have a good rating.

Cost of Knee Replacement

The knee replacement cost in India is one of the most affordable, but you must find out what each surgeon charges for the same and at the same time you must remember that high cost does not always translate to good quality work.

The cost involved in knee replacement has two components – the prosthesis and the hospital’s services. The cost of the prosthesis varies from INR 75,000 to INR 1 lakh. Implants made in India are not as expensive as the imported ones with a cost difference of at least INR 25000.

The complete surgery cost will also include the cost of the recuperation period in the hospital as well as some physiotherapy sessions to get the patient back to walking normally. The total surgery could cost around INR 3 lakhs.

When considering a knee replacement surgery, keep all the costs in mind and plan accordingly. The surgery is not very expensive, but you will need to make appropriate arrangements for the same.

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