The FUE technique is always a number one choice when it comes to hair transplants. FUE is normally recommended for patients with minimum hair loss, but the technique is much sought by the severely affected patients. The main reason is the fact that is that it requires no stitches and the down time is less.

FUE as a method of hair restoration is a minimally invasive surgery where a surgeon extracts hair follicles individually using a 0.7mm micropunch and then implants them in the bald region. The hair line is always aesthetically reconstructed to achieve natural results when the hair has fully grown back. The procedure is performed while one is conscious and it will only require the surgeon to numb the scalp. One can read a book or listen to music while the procedure is being conducted.

Why are patients always happy with their FUE results?

The Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally invasive procedure performed by an experienced surgeon. Due to advancement in technology, the procedure has claimed the top position in the hair transplant field. Unlike FUT hair transplant the FUE technique offers a variety of chances to the patient to restore natural results. Here are the reasons why FUE Hair Transplant patients are proud of the technique

1. More procedures
With the FUE technique, one can have more surgeries and remain undetected for a possibility of a hair transplant. This is because there are no stitches made in the donor area to collect the hair follicles

2. No linear scars
It is most of the patients’ wish to restore hair that they will feel proud of and style in any way. Most patients are not entirely confident after an FUT technique due to the linear scar on the back of the scalp.

3. More treatments
With the FUE technique, most patients are welcomed to BIO-FUE, Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy, which boosts the quality of the hair. Most patients are able to achieve a good density with these treatments and also get stronger and attractive hair

4. Convenient and cost-effective
A patient can have the procedure done in one day or in a number of sittings as he or she may want. The procedure also accommodates women who are on the verge of totally going bald.

What makes you a candidate for an FUE technique?

This is settled during the consultation if at all one seeks a hair transplant in India. Normally, the grafts needed and available at the scalp or the body will make one a candidate. A surgeon will automatically help you at this point.

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With that, most hair transplant centres record higher consultations regarding FUE hair transplant and its cost. The fact is, FUE presents bigger chances of restoring hair effectively and in the best way