Patterns and Holistic Therapy
by Nancy M. Turcich, NTS, RPP, RPE

Patterns are ways in which we use our bodies or hold our bodies against the force of gravity. They may be carried through generations, genetically, or they may come to us in-utero, as we form our bodies, our minds. As we develop, mother and child are one, acting as a unit instead of separate beings. Survival of the fetus depends on the mother's survival. What takes place prior to birth, birth itself, or as we grow, creates our patterns. However, patterns change throughout our life.
The body is in constant flux; sustaining our structure and righting all the wrongs we instill upon ourselves. If we trip and fall, the body works with the results of the fall and it corrects itself. However, it will go towards the path of least resistance. It may not fix everything perfectly. On the contrary, it fixes things in a way that will allow it to function. The body can develop ways to cope with what it has and it can survive and perhaps, even strive beyond old patterns while repairing itself. It forms patterns to go on, to move through life.
All patterns eventually affect the physical body although they don't always start there. Patterns can be mentally, emotionally or spiritually born. For example: A parent yells at a child and the child cowers. The body physically hunches the shoulders, perhaps drawing in the legs, and goes into the fetal position to protect and comfort them as they protect their heart. If this continues, every time this child is yelled at or encounters yelling, this type of body pattern will engage; the child will go to the pattern in which he or she found comfort. In time, the body pattern will form and this child will continue to grow with his or her shoulders now hunching to protect them. The body has adopted a coping pattern. Repetitive behavior becomes what are called patterns. Some are beneficial while others are not. Identifying them is the key to changing patterns.
Establishing a new pattern takes approximately thirty days depending on the individual. However, in that time the old pattern will try to reestablish itself again and again. Generally, this takes place because most people find their old patterns familiar. The old patterns may not be working for the body or the person, but it may be the point of least resistance. The old pattern is rooted in the system as the new pattern is floating around without a rooted foundation. Old patterns hang out waiting for the new pattern to falter. When it does, the old pattern jumps in and takes its stand. As the new pattern is reintroduced it may have much to clean up. This happens because old patterns usually carry with them lots of garbage (excess baggage, old wounds, etc.).
The depth of the old pattern will determine how easily a new pattern can be established. Becoming aware of patterns that aren't beneficial to us is the place to start. Through awareness we awaken and are able to change. Awareness and time are important in changing patterns. Therapy is also a key to changing patterns.
Holistic Therapy has come into the forefront of health issues recently. This is due to the benefits many have received through therapeutic touch. Holistic Therapy teaches the body how to change by introducing new patterns. As patterns become ingrained in our physical bodies, therapy begins to unlock the restrictions the body may have encountered. Just as repetitive behaviors can be detrimental to the system, they can also rebuild it through therapy. Various body therapies continue to remind the body of patterns that better support it. By introducing therapy on a regular basis (i.e. once a week to start) the body is reminded how to support and align itself in a beneficial way. As the body comes into alignment, the mind becomes aware of the new pattern and adopts it. Supporting this cycle is an important aspect of therapy. Constantly reminding the body of how it could be is an important step to change. Slowly changing a pattern will allow it to reach new depths within the system and establish itself with a strong foundation. Unfortunately, society as a whole desires a quick fix, which generally changes things in the short term only. If we want to really change a pattern in our bodies, minds, emotions, etc., we need to take the time to establish a solid foundation. After all, it took time for us to create our patterns in the first place. Being patient with our process will allow us a great freedom in the development of a system that is well supported. Patterns can shape our lives and our lives can shape patterns and on and on . . . . The only constant is change. Take time today to change what does not fit into your life and know you will be at the beginning of a great adventure.

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