Are you planning to renovate or lay down a driveway? Are you conflicted between stamped concrete driveways and interlocking pavers? Then you have unquestionably come to the right place. Both of the choices have their pros as well as cons, and this article will help you consider both of them before actually settling on one option. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We should first know the peculiarities of each type. 

What are pavers? 

Pavers are coloured blocks of concrete that are laid down like pieces 

of a puzzle to form a considerably sturdy and durable surface for patios and driveways as well as walkways. Pavers are being put to use for hundreds of years from Spanish and Italian residency courtyards, boulevards and village pathways to captivating hardscapes across the world. Pavers stood the test of time and emerged as a highly durable and efficient method to construct driveways. However, pavers do not support intricate three-dimensional designs as the manufacturing process has a few limitations.

What is stamped concrete? 

Stamped concrete may give you the same or more sophisticated look, but they are a more complicated process of driveway designing. In this process, concrete is first poured upon the driveway space and then textured or embossed to resemble tile, slate, stone, brick, or wooden surfaces. If you are especially keen on ornate designs or intricate patterns, you should go for a stamped concrete driveway instead. Both the driveways have advantages as well as fallacies. We shall now look at the highlights of both the types. 

Concrete Pavers Highlights

  • Pavers are sturdy and do not crack when properly installed. 
  • They cost almost the same as stamped concrete in most cases due to their full availability. 
  • Pavers do not require exact replacement and are therefore proven to be more cost-efficient than stamped concrete in the long run. 
  • The repair work required in case of concrete pavers is often seamless and quick, as broken and new pavers can easily replace cracked areas. 
  • In the case of concrete pavers, you can mix colour and patterns to give your patio or driveway an elegant and yet eccentric look. You can use accents, borders and bandings to create stunning looks. 
  • You need to use a binding polymer to keep the blocks together. If you use joint sands, they require to be topped off once in every two years. 
  • If you don’t take adequate soil preparation, the pavers will need more time to settle. Improper installation will cause them to move. Therefore, it’s imperative that you call a professional agency that lays down concrete driveways in Marsden Park.

Stamped Concrete Highlights

  • It gives you a wide range of patterns and colours. 
  • Concrete as a material is very mobile, and it lets you blend colours with the concrete mixture on the spot.
  • Stamped concrete works as a sealant in case of adverse weather, swimming pool chemicals and auto leakage and provides added protection. 
  • There are limitless customizations available when it comes to stamped concrete. It can be smoothly textured to resemble natural stone or segmented paving. 
  • However, the installation process is elaborate and nuanced, and you would probably need help from a professional agency that performs Residential Concreting in Caddens
  • Also, concrete is very prone to cracking, and a stamped concrete driveway requires round-the-year maintenance and repairs. 

Now that you know the benefits as well as fallacies of the two, you can easily choose between them. Choose the one that will be convenient for you, as well as the one that will increase the aesthetic beauty of your patio or driveway. 

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The owner of a construction agency that excels in Residential Concreting in Caddens, the author, is a prolific serviceman with a track record of installing over a hundred concrete driveways in Marsden Park. Besides managing a busy business, the author writes engaging blogs for various web-based organizations.